Welp, at least we wont have any opt outs skipping a bowl game; And other news

The annual frustration of players bailing on the team’s final game wont happen this year at least!!

And in other news, Liberty/Chadwell are simply slaughtering their opponents OTW to a 13-0 year 1 Conference USA championship. Mississippi State inquired about him and he declined, said hes happy there (as I said, he wants to stay in the NC/SC/TN/VA region). Oh what coulda been…..

Pull out the checkbook, Fire Shaney Beamer, Hire Jim Harbaugh in that order.

Frank's BOY = NCAA 20-18 (SEC 10-14)
Jim Harbaugh = NCAA 141-52 (NFL 44-19-1)

I certainly do realize that many of our fans are thinking, "I HATE Michigan!" (Duh? what's that got to do with anything?)
I also realize a lot of our fans are bursting to scream out, "I HATE JIM HARBAUGH!!!" WE are GOOD at hating!

Some folks don't even want to talk to him because, 'He wouldn't come here" (Neither did Lou Holtz & Steve Spurrier)

Some folks don't think Carolina could afford Harbaugh. (But, we could afford giving Frank's BOY a $3.375 MILLION DOLLAR RAISE in exchange for a 5-7 season. (Ok, Okay, OKAY. Yeah, we did beat Furman.)

What I do KNOW FOR CERTAIN, is that Carolina Fans LOVE LOSING, because we do it SO OFTEN and swear they see progress.

P.S. Y'all do remember that both Holtz & Spurrier did NFL Stints prior to coming to Carolina?
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What happened to Beamer ball?

Special teams coach was getting all kinds of accolades last year. This year's special teams was disappointing. We didn't block any kicks or punts that I recall this year compared to last year. No memorable returns. Punting last year was phenomenal-pinning teams close to their goal lines and kicking clutch long punts when needed. This year Kroeger looked average at best. Field goal team was decent.