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Kingston Exposed

It’s scary that UofSC hasn’t parted ways Ray Tanner yet. After his Coaching career he could have came back as a special ambassador to baseball or something. Just a part time, pick your own hours and hold babies and sign autographs for the sUnShIne PuMpeRs type gig. Kind of like what all he seemingly does now. :/

Is Saban right on A&M buying every one of . . .

Did he really cry? We got evidence of tears coming down his face? Why didn't Texas just make a higher offer? The boy should be pissed that Texas only thought he was worth 80k when A&M thought he was worth 700k. Hahaha.
Texas and basically everyone else was significantly outbid by A&M in that class. That's how A&M got 5-stars from all over the country coming to an obscure town in Texas to play for a team that always finishes about 4th in their division. Texas couldn't up their NIL to 700K or it would throw off balance the NIL for every other top recruit we had who were getting under 100K. They would ask "why not me too". Texas just got outbid this week by Southern Cal on a WR (Jordan Addison) that we were offering north of $2 million and Southern Cal coughed up $3.5 million. I don't see how this is sustainable. That case is a little different since it is an All American in the portal, not a high schooler.

Mens Basketball roster currently

We really won’t know anything about this team until they hit the floor. Both of the freshman are long. Don’t know how good they are but they have size for their positions. The people that left really weren’t game changers with the exception of Couisnard and he didn’t give it to us consistently. So, I don’t understand all the hand wringing for guys that gave us 7-8 points per game. With that said, it will be important how Paris fills these last two scholarships. We need at least one go to guy who can consistently get you buckets.

OT: Colonoscopy, don't put it off

Sorry to resurrect this old thread, but it was mostly this thread that got me back to the endoscopy office.

I had my first in my early 20’s to check on an issue - all was fine then. I had another issue around 47-48 so I had one then that turned up two polyps - one pre-cancerous. At that time, the Doc told me to come back in 3yrs. This thread was timely back in Jan because I was overdue. I went Friday, and thankfully came through with a clean checkup! I’m supposed to stay on a 5yr rotation from now on.

For me, the worst part was that nasty magnesium citrate. <shudder>!!

And yeah, as mentioned by several; that propofol nap is ah-maze-zing!!

Stock Market Question

Only sensible reply in this thread. Trump had NOTHING to do with what was an artificially inflated market. Biden, who is a bit doddering I’ll admit, has nothing to do with its return to earth.
Even Obama’s Treasury Secretary has said the biggest mistake was the American Rescue plan, exacerbated inflation and if not for Manchin and Sinema it would be even worse with another 3.5 trillion in the BBB bullshit.

everyone talks about job numbers but you realize those jobs came back from Covid shutdown, we actually have fewer people working today than before the pandemic, these aren’t new jobs. When you have Amazon laying off 100,000 people that was recently announced things are about to get considerably worse. Biden is approaching Carter territory and if gasoline does hit $6 avg by August, then watch that inflation number roar even with the Fed doing incremental rate adjustments.

One thing is certain, Biden’s policies will be rebuked considerably in a few short months. The Latino vote alone is disappearing rapidly and without it Democrats can’t win, the numbers don’t work.