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    Cincinnati Bearcat Coaches poor clock management cost their team

    a Peach Bowl victory. Gave Georgia at least 20 extra seconds by snapping the ball during their last possession with 10 and 11 second left. Also called time out when Georgia was trying to get in field goal with the clock running at about the 25 second mark.
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    Likable coach that can win 7-8 games consistently

    Many years ago I attended one of Jim Carlen's presentations in Greer. He asked for a show of hands as to how many attendees would be satisfied with seven wins per year. No one raised there hand. The sad fact is for the last 30 years USC has averaged 6 wins per year. This can only be improved...
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    OT: Suggestions for Places to eat in Key West please......

    Thank you for your very intelligent reply.
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    OT: Suggestions for Places to eat in Key West please......

    We haven't been there in a 3-4 years but will be in a few weeks. Thanks and Merry Christmas !!
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    Baseball seating

    Are you sure about being able to obtain paper tickets? I was told mobile only. Guess I'm old school but like paper tickets in my hand.
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    My guess is Beamer is going to have to go the JUCO route this first

    Ark. looked bad vs. Ala. but overall is much improved vs. last year
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    My guess is Beamer is going to have to go the JUCO route this first

    year. Certainly worked for Sam Pittman @ Arkansas.
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    Ray is a better public speaker than Caslen

    Caslen looks like an elf with that haircut and those super-sized ears.
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    Does Anyone Besides Me See a Trend????

    Last four coaches: LOU HOLTZ STEVE SPURRIER Muschamp Beamer
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    The Problem w/ Ray

    I am disappointed. As a 50 GCC member what else can I say.
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    I Guess Beamer Was Being Courted by Numerous Teams.....

    In high demand with that fabulous 0-0 head coaching record. TANNER HAS TO GO!!!!!!!
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    William Hall Napier: Worst coaching strategy I have seen in my 55 years of

    watching football. If Tanner hires this guy Clemson will have Dabo and we will have Dumbo.
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    Re: WBB Now people are beginning to realize how good

    Ty Harris was......
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    Carolina Panther's "prevent defense" (rushing only two or three) allows Vikings

    to march down the field and score late winning TD. The Viking's QB, with no timeouts, had so much time to find open receivers that he could have autographed some footballs between throws.
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    My 10 yr. old granddaughter just walked by and said

    Frank Martin looks like a spaceman in a barbershop uniform.
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    Who you got in the Ole Miss vs MSU game? I'm pulling for MSU but I don't expect Hail State to win.***

    Last year at the WBB SEC tournament in Greenville I asked several Miss. St. fans what "Hail State" meant. None of them had a clue.
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    If Michigan were to fire Harbaugh, you think he’d come here?

    Have close friends who are Big Blue fans. They have never liked him. Their program continues to decline.