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    Hilinski to Northwestern.

    Now will Mike Bobo stiff Auburn to be OC at Northwestern? 😂
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    Men’s BB team observations

    I agree that traps happen in the corner or sideline. That's why I'd have each of my bigs at the sides of mid-court, not the middle. You think each won't be guarded? That leaves a 3 on 3 situation in the backcourt, which gives room for the ball handlers to maneuver near the free throw area...
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    Deshaun Watson or Pat Mahomes?

    Not if you carefully read my original post. 😉
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    Deshaun Watson or Pat Mahomes?

    Deshaun wanted a huge multi-year contract and he got it. Now he thinks that he can control his team's destiny a la Magic Johnson in 1981. He doesn't get to decide where to go if the Texans refuse to trade him. What an egotistical dumb-butt.
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    Deshaun Watson or Pat Mahomes?

    Remember draft night 2017 when a very angry Watson declared that the two teams who drafted a QB before him would certainly live to regret it? I would guess the Bears probably do after four seasons with Trubisky. As for the Chiefs with Mahomes future potential...... elementary, my dear Watson...
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    Men’s BB team observations

    Sorry, but I want my guards/small forward handling the ball in the backcourt because they are used to dribbling, passing on the run, and cutting to the open spaces. My bigs would be at half court on either side 5 feet from the sideline. On the first completed pass, the weak side big goes to...
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    Men’s BB team observations

    This is the deal. Frank prides himself on being a defensive coach, and he is a very good one. Offense is another matter, though. Watching the Cocks trying to break the press reminds me of a kindergarten fire drill. Don't leave 6'10" guys at midcourt where they will surely be pressed and...
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    I wonder if we're going to get new uniforms with a cool design

    I'd rather have a winning, well coached and fundamentally sound team wearing the cheapest, ugliest uniforms in the entire NCAA. That said, I truly despise the all garnet look (reminds me of the tigger all orange gag-threads), although I have no visual problem with all black of white.
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    Coach Martin's roundball men are very talented.

    Respectfully disagree, unless you're too young to remember 1966-1976, when Gamecock roundball was one of the best programs in the nation. Unfortunately, in true Gamecock fashion, we usually lost quickly in the postseason, even when we were preseason top five.
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    Coach Martin's roundball men are very talented.

    The Carolina men are very talented .... individually, but offensively some of their thinking (or actually 'lack of thinking while running and sweating') is definitely head-scratching. Thought I was watching a middle school team tonight in the 2nd half with all of the ill-advised passes and...
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    One player per county. All time football team.

    Uh, no .... Earl Clary, back in the late 1920's, played in 4 consecutive State Championship games, winning the last 3 and was recruited by nearly every major college football power in the US before coming to Carolina to star for the Cocks.
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    EJ Jenkins highlight reel is freakish

    Amen to all you said! A lot of the negative Nancy's on this board lately are just brooding, pouting poorly disguised tiggers who are still sore that their beloved overrated team (who gets a yearly free pass to the final four, courtesy of the All Cupcake Conference .... 0-6 in bowl games this...
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    Brick masons

    Most people highly recommend S.O.L. masonry out of Laurens.
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    Beamer’s Staff of No Names

    I think we may be missing out on a key ingredient of Coach Beamer's coaching search. I've noticed that most of the new coaches are late 30's to mid 40's and that he's had some sort of connection (although some are peripheral) with all of them. Coaches that get along with each other during long...
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    Talent makes a coach

    Really? Did he look "all world" against OSU and LSU the last time they played them? Maybe he's just "all world" at stealing offensive signals.
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    Taters on Beamer

    Any pitiful excuse for red-neck, backwoods, hillbilly journalism that titles itself "Rubbing the Rock" speaks for its own ignorance and lunacy, lol.
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    Taters on Beamer

    Sniff, sniff .... I smell tigger pooh on this board. By the way, Dabo and Trevor are doing a photo shoot for the SI swimsuit issue. Yep, they'll both be dressed as bridesmaids! Understand your tiggers had a drug problem against OSU .... they got drug all over the field that night. The refs...
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    I used to think that most of the whining and moaning on this board (and yes .... I've done quite a lot myself concerning Muschamp) were just Clemmy trolls, usually after they just realized that their team had a drug problem during their last game. Just like last Friday, the tiggers were drug...
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    Spurrier back at it

    Success? Fran Tarkenton correctly pointed out that UGA is the most under performing program in the last 50 years, considering the talent each coach has brought in.
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    Davonta Smith wins Heisman

    Absolutely agree! Lawrence should have finished 4th, considering Trask's and Jones' passing stats against nothing but SEC competition. Trevor playing in the All Cupcake Conference, while missing two games with covid, couldn't come within 1k yards of either of them.