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    Death and taxes(stocks)

    JGH is correct
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    Death and taxes(stocks)

    Biden wants to make America like California, welcome to the Biden administration
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    If Spurrier, Holtz, Morrison, and Carlen are considered to be amongst the best coaches in Gamecock history

    He did lose to Furman, not sure about Pacific. He was fired the season he was hired. He won a conference championship one year, and he inherited years of very unsuccessful teams. I was disappointed in his won/loss record though. I think he went 0-10 his first year.
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    If Spurrier, Holtz, Morrison, and Carlen are considered to be amongst the best coaches in Gamecock history

    Paul Dietzel should be listed among the best. He had won a national championship at LSU before coming to Columbia. Richard Bell was not a bad coach at all. He was fired because he refused to fire his staff.
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    Bobo in play at Auburn

    I believe it's still the highest three years, not necessarily the last years. I retired from there 20 years ago so it could be different now.
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    1970 ACC Regular Season Champs

    I always thought it was mainly because McGuire played Roche hurt.
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    I hope it doesn't cause anyone any trouble and certainly no harm but I am ready for some "white stuff"

    I was in New Hampshire in January of my senior year in college, and never saw grass the entire month.
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    My guess is Beamer is going to have to go the JUCO route this first

    It all depends upon whether he wants to build a team for the future or go for the quick fix.
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    Well, we crapped in the dough tray when we let Jake get away. But, what the heck, we're use to doing

    I like Spurrier but honestly many of his qps were disappointments, with the exception of Connor Shaw.
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    This needs to be told

    You forgot to mention Biden.
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    Any chance that we keep Hilinski from transferring?

    Doty and Hillinski would complement each other well. It reminds me of the Garcia-Smelley days.
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    Liberty 68 Miss st 63. 5 mins to go.

    Liberty has come a long way over the years.
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    Hilinksi must really suck...

    If Hillinski wants to stay here, he at least deserves an opportunity this year for some playing time. He was thrown into the Alabama and Georgia game last year at the beginning of the year and did a credible job as a starter.
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    Freeze carries too much baggage, he'll never get hired here.