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    Will Wade.... how is he still coaching?

    It’s just proof NCAA has no backbone against perceived big schools. Let this happen at others (ok st for example) and the punishment is already handed out. Wade will get by with slap on wrist if anything.
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    CJ Spiller new Clemson rb coach

    He was good yes, but he seriously avoided any type of physicality. You never saw him running through a tackler, he usually cut one way and if didn’t get the corner he just kept up going out of bounds. It’s ok if you think I’m ignorant but while yes spiller was good, he was talent and we all know...
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    CJ Spiller new Clemson rb coach

    As a gamecock fan, I honestly think Clemson has had better all around running backs since then. The one leaving now for starters. Spiller was fast, real fast but he benefited from a good offense and weak conference. Big 10 or SEC and he doesn’t do near as well
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    CJ Spiller new Clemson rb coach

    Id take a player like Lattimore over Spiller any day. May have gotten hurt more but it’s because he played to contact not play to avoid contact.
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    CJ Spiller new Clemson rb coach

    I guess they will all start running out of bounds when someone gets within 3-4 yds of them now. Just sting the defense out along line of scrimmage and they won’t go anywhere. Also Tony Elliot moving to tight ends. Assuming still overall OC and spearman moving off the field. Dabo must be trying...
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    Lots of good Auburn players in portal

    Maybe it should be a trade. Auburn gets our coaches and we get some of their defensive starters. I would take the Big Cat Bryant and a couple others. Def won’t hurt our roster right now.
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    OT: I had this weird dream last night. Anybody had any weird one's lately?

    Some of you may want to avoid spicy food before bed.
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    Question. About staying or leaving a job..

    That very situation happened to me several years back. I accepted a job that was offered first and two days later another offered with about 25% higher pay. I took the one I accepted first and still there 8 yrs later doing well. Doing the right thing works out better in the long run.
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    Will Auburn game next year be most anticipated of season?

    If we take Clemson out of the picture, will the game against Auburn and playing Bobo be the most anticipated game for next year? I think there seems to be some real tension, almost bad blood now between Bobo and Beamer. The way Bobo handled things makes it seem so.
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    Kevin Steele to UT

    If so and Baylor was any indication then UT will continue to slide down further and further
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    Stockton Just Decommitted - post on Twitter

    Not surprised but I think the past week proves Bobo is about as honest and on the up and up as ..... well, lets just say he is pretty slimy. Maybe the players saw something and left. We tried to support him when he said honor commitment and be loyal but the last week up until now says that is in...
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    Kevin Steele to UT

    I thought they had a freeze on hiring and such. Something doesnt seem right up there.
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    Question about new Off Coordinator

    also, curious as him being QB coach. never saw he had any past history with that position but did with O-Line. Thought that might be his position with coordinator title. Who for o-line coach now?
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    Question about new Off Coordinator

    I have read several things about him but have not been able to really find out what type of scheme he likes to run. I saw one place a possible spread type but nothing exact. Anyone know what style he plans to run?
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    Big news tomorrow from Beamer? Tweet...

    Batgirl you have been gone from here a while thy I have seen. Glad you are back. We need more reasonable people to have good forum discussions on here. Not some of the junk that has filled this board over last few weeks
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    Should USC have kept Muscamp?

    Until people like you quit being doom and gloom without knowing what will happen under new staff, this board will continue to get worse and worse. For gosh sake, give Beamer a chance.
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    What position will OC coach?

    I bet he coaches o-line and we hire a ab coach. We may still yet get Garret Riley as qb coach and be co-offensive coordinator. No source just speculation on my part.
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    This whole footbal stuff reminds me of one of my daughters favorite TV shows

    My youngest loves to watch the show on Food Network called Restaurant Impossible. The guy goes in to fix a struggling restaurant and sees issues and starts to do work thinking its going ok. Then all of the sudden, they move kitchen stuff or pull up carpet and find roaches everywhere or rotten...
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    I find it funny

    I forgot about that. The players seemed unhappy about that and now look at him. His hypocrisy knows no bounds.
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    Women's game vs. Georgia canceled due to COVID

    fact is JA both have played. I have watched every game and had season tickets before this year. They have both played. Not alot but have both played so take your crap elsewhere. After yesterday, its got to stop.