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    Is 6 wins possible in 2021?

    I think 7-8 is realistic but not likely... 5 or more means that the kids are bought into the game plan and the future is bright3 or less is bad deal period... 4-6 means wait until next year...AGAIN
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    I am committed to my next year!??

    I absolutely agree
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    Sherrod Greene is coming back.

    And i,m not trying to be a jerk,i just have watched greene AVOID contact a hundred times...(please please don’t get mad,just watch any game film on him and i,ve said a lot of times “how can coaches watch this game tape on Monday and still leave him in games?..” must simply have been nobody else...
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    OT: Anyone here remember Duff's?

    You mean it WASN,T?? Lol...i love mason jars still
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    Sherrod Greene is coming back.

    Lol exactly.... option a) come back to play another year...option b) get a j.o.b
  6. J

    EJ Jenkins highlight reel is freakish

    Exactly what I saw too.... never went up and caught with his hands
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    PLEASE watch the film on COLTON GAUTHIER

    My point is simply that I like GAUTHIERs film better!!!... is that easy enough to understand
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    PLEASE watch the film on COLTON GAUTHIER

    Yeah I’m gonna put a high school player in those few hall of famers category... because that’s 3-4 every 40 years.... he will probably be the next one!!... lol
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    PLEASE watch the film on COLTON GAUTHIER

    One QBin the world lol... simply move to someone else’s post please or write your own....
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    PLEASE watch the film on COLTON GAUTHIER

    Yes but also fairly athletic... especially once up to speed
  11. J

    PLEASE watch the film on COLTON GAUTHIER

    Well move along a— hole, GAUTHIER is a 4 star, yeah I don’t know WHY anyone would be excited about that... gunner Stockton is too short for division one d lined and although he had a strong arm he will have a lot of trouble. But feel free to critique that too
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    PLEASE watch the film on COLTON GAUTHIER

    I know it is gonna look like I’m posting this because gunner decommitted, but I really, really like gauthier better( especially long ball touch) and he has way above average athletic ability.... I know only time will tell, but I honestly don’t know that Stockton is the better of the 2... watch...
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    So I guess this game means Venables is a lousy DC?

    I do agree with alot of this....acc cupcakes for most of the season,but to say he isn,t a good d coordinator is ridiculous (you DO NOT get hired by these schools if you aren’t good,and the results at Clemson and the players he gets drafted in the first three rounds of the draft is inarguably top...
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    So I guess this game means Venables is a lousy DC?

    We can WATCH all we want...but when we face them we will not have OHIO STATE four and five star d linemen...why don,t our fans understand this?...amazes me...
  15. J

    So I guess this game means Venables is a lousy DC?

    Lol thats just exactly how dumb some of our fans base an opinion on whether someone is good at their job by one would give anything we had and any amount of money for veneables...AND SO WOULD virtually every other college program in the country. Sometimes a coach...
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    Beamer on BoBo

    How do you EXPECT our offenses to look familiar with our personel compared with you guys must not understand that offensive(and defensive) philosophies and play calling doesn’t exactly LOOK the same on the surface ( do you think a play ran behind our line with our players AGAINST...
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    Not overly impressed with the staff....

    I absolutely believe mike bobo is SOLID and more importantly,I believe he will not be handcuffed,rather encouraged,by shane beamer to to open it up(oklahoma sooner style) and I believe in my heart that mike bobo will absolutely get it done.....and thats from a lifelong gamecocks fan,i don,t...
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    There simply is NO defense of our DEFENSE....they absolutely could not stop a decent high school and that’s inexcusable for a SEC team,even vandy...inexcusable what we are putting on the field..
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    If anyone has any doubts,you need help...he just pumps up points on sec defenses with “limited” talent(to absolutely say the least)...he is definitely the answer as our offensive the ONLY question,in my mind,is should he be the head coach when,inevitably,muschamp is gone....i...