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  1. SumterGamecockGuy

    STUNNED beyond words at this “clock management”...

    And that’s why he should be fired.
  2. SumterGamecockGuy

    I hate to say this but Muschamp isn’t trying to win, he’s trying to make the score look good

    Yeah our guys don’t want to win. They are actually letting the clock wind down on themselves.
  3. SumterGamecockGuy

    STUNNED beyond words at this “clock management”...

    We are letting the clock wind down when we are two scores down. I don’t have the words for this stupidity...
  4. SumterGamecockGuy

    Personal apology

    It’s ok, man. We all have our moments. Respect to you for your post today.
  5. SumterGamecockGuy


    I agree. Unless you’re winning, shut up and play.
  6. SumterGamecockGuy

    I’m just gonna enjoy the game and not get worked up

    Absolutely! I’m trying to live it out.
  7. SumterGamecockGuy

    I’m just gonna enjoy the game and not get worked up

    With all that has been happening in life lately, I’m just glad football is back. Sure I wanna win. But I’ve just decided to enjoy whatever good I can, and not freak out about the bad. A more chill, relaxed vibe this year for me personally. Go Cocks!
  8. SumterGamecockGuy

    Tour De France

    I’ve enjoyed watching it for years. Awesome scenery and great racing.
  9. SumterGamecockGuy

    You want to see how trickle down economics works in College???

    This makes some great points. I agree.
  10. SumterGamecockGuy

    Time to give it up - football for 2020, that is. Sorry, you aren`t going to convince anyone that

    These young men are safe. Closely monitored and regularly tested. I hope they do play. This Fall, let’s play football.
  11. SumterGamecockGuy

    What is your “Common Courtesy” pet peeve??

    Slow drivers in the passing lane. You cruise in the right lane. You pass and haul a$$ in the left lane.
  12. SumterGamecockGuy

    Captain Munnerlyn Arrested

    Who the heck writes checks anymore?
  13. SumterGamecockGuy

    Anyone actually think we will have a full football season?

    I think yes, we will have college football.
  14. SumterGamecockGuy

    I've just watched two of the top 5 movies of all time in the past few hours. They are...

    My top 5 are (1) The Big Lebowski (2) Raising Arizona (3) Raiders Of The Lost Ark (4) Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (5) Better Off Dead
  15. SumterGamecockGuy

    Staley criticizes, then retracts criticism of, Maria Hickman (Sr. Assoc. AD)

    I like Dawn. Really do. But man, deal with these issues privately, in house, behind closed doors. Social media can be a good thing, but it can also lead to momentary foolishness, such as in this instance.
  16. SumterGamecockGuy

    Who on here used to watch the show Dallas back in the day?

    I remember I was a kid, and my parents would let me watch the opening theme song so I could see the stadium where the Cowboys played. Then I had to go to bed.
  17. SumterGamecockGuy

    I miss Drive-In movies! I heard a news report Wal-Mart was going to

    Years ago we had one here in Sumter. Cool place. I’d love to see one open up here in the future.