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  1. USCrown

    Pats Lose Stephon Gilmore To Season Ending Knee Injury

    Freak, noncontact injury. Couldn't have come at a worse time with contract negotiations upcoming. Stephon Gilmore is one my all-time favorite Gamecocks, Here's hoping to a speedy recovery...
  2. USCrown

    WBB...that is it.

    Coming from a military background/family who has served, we believe in what the flag stands for which is 'FREEDOM.' The freedom to stand/sit/kneel, etc... While I may not always agree with people's actions, I do respect their right to do it as long as it does not infringe on the...
  3. USCrown

    What if Freeze hadn’t cheated?

    Not sure if serious or not, but while some were pretty petty, there were also some pretty heavy allegations and penalties under his watch. He would have had to have been obtuse not to know what was going on. This does not even take into account the escort services, etc... I remember seeing...
  4. USCrown

    Find a Coach that can bring in many 4 and 5 STAR players

    Good talent makes good coaches great, average talent makes great coaches look average. It is the combination of the two. Believe it or not, Arkansas does not have great talent, however they have good coaching which is getting the players to believe in themselves and play over their heads. No...
  5. USCrown

    How about Stoops from Kentucky?

    Maybe Bob Stoops, not sure about Mark at Carolina. We need someone who is going to be able to draw recruits and then be able to coach them up!
  6. USCrown

    Can College Football buck the low sports ratings

    Pre-Covid 19 I would have considered myself a fan of the major sports, especially gamecock sports. Our football team was getting a little rough to watch, but even then we had some shocking moments (Beating Top 3 Ranked UGA between the hedges!). I was elated about the performance of our...
  7. USCrown

    White kids attack black cop cause BLM.

    Nothing but a bunch of thugs trashing our city... 20-year-old man arrested after destroying fence during protest Joseph Watson (Source: Richland County Sheriff's Department) By WIS News 10 Staff | June 5, 2020 at 8:59 PM EDT - Updated June 5 at 9:37 PM COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) - Deputies in...
  8. USCrown

    Drew Brees is getting killed on social media for his opinion.

    This one may not count, because the guy told the officer he had a gun... We'll never know the full numbers, especially when many are swept under the rug, planted guns/drugs, cover ups, unreported harassment, illegitimate stop and frisks, etc...even one is one too many, especially when the...
  9. USCrown

    OT: Mega-church pastor arrested in Florida for Holding services

    It's never okay to trample our constitutional rights. There'll always be a plausible reason/justification that the government will use to justify their actions regardless of whether or not it's constitutional. These things set precedent, and once the flood gates are open there's no going back...
  10. USCrown


    Looks like a few offers started rolling in namely FSU,Ole Miss, Ark, Maryland, Nebraska, UK, UT, etc after his commitment to us.... Not sure what else changed from March 11th when he posted this appearing to be recruiting for the school? Is it possible he is trying to get a package deal for one...
  11. USCrown

    Anyone get a bad non-flu bug this year?

    Yes, I too caught something shortly after the 1st of the year that was very much different than anything I had experienced before. I believe I got it from my job where people were hacking and coughing all over the place, but still coming into work. It came on suddenly and hit me like a ton of...
  12. USCrown

    Tanner and all of us should demand that the NCAA

    If they wanted to be fair about it, they could even have the polls / papers vote and name a champion. It doesn't have to be an award from the NCAA. Let the voters decide like they have done in the past in other sports.
  13. USCrown

    Tanner and all of us should demand that the NCAA

    The season ended and we finished ranked #1 in the polls and have the resume to back up our claim. Hang the Banner, who cares if the NCAA recognizes or not. We actually have a legitimate claim, no comparison to UCF a few years ago. This team should have their hard work recognized...
  14. USCrown

    National Champion and that’s that!!

    If Ray is worth his salt as an A.D. he should definitely make this push and claim it. With the type of season we had, its not really much of a stretch given a nearly consensus vote at #1, only 1 loss, conference champs, already beat 2 of 3 other 1 seeds, etc...We have the best claim to the...
  15. USCrown

    USC Buying 547 Acre Site...

    Not sure I care for our board of trustees voting to pay 3x the market value for flood land that we don't really have any concrete plans for, which also happens to help bail out a couple of our trustees who made bad business deals. Interesting...
  16. USCrown

    Seriously, when Keyshawn Bryant graduates, they

    Seriously they should put together a video. He's been a human highlight reel in less than two years. This one may have been one of my favorites though. He took flight outside of the paint, then punished the defender. Absolutely nasty!
  17. USCrown

    Seriously, when Keyshawn Bryant graduates, they

    After a promising freshman campaign, Bryant took a step back earlier this year. Part of that was due to injuries. These last few games we are finally seeing what we all knew he was capable of, and it couldn't come at a better time. Keep working to develop the free throws, mid range game, and...
  18. USCrown

    At baseball game

    Yeah, we got several areas to fine tune before we will be considered a good team. Hitting, fielding, etc...I agree with the above, we are also very slow. I wonder if Shilo's speed would have contributed. Hopefully Kingston and the team will come ready to play tomorrow.
  19. USCrown

    VIDEO: Marshawn Lloyd hits the practice field for the first time

    I don't care how early it is, the effort shown in the video above looks soft and weak. Where are our hard-nosed coaches lighting the players up? Coaches used to require 110% effort every time a player touched the field. 9/10 times you play how you practice. If I am a new recruit I would be...