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    OT: Anybody heard of this band outta Seneca...

    I have heard some of their stuff on Spotify. I like them.
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    Looking for pod cast suggestions

    If you are looking for humor (I know, you didn't list that), check out "Wait, Wait. Don't Tell Me." It is NPR, so if you are one of the persuasion who hates all things NPR, you may not like it. I think it is hilarious.
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    Looking for pod cast suggestions

    Not sure what qualifies as spirituality, and I know that discussions about the Bible can be all over the map, from child-like to deeply theological, from fundamentalist to dismissive, from simplistic to scholarly, but I like "The Bible for Normal People with Pete Enns". It isn't a typical...
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    My Covid-19 story

    Thanks for living like a hermit. I know that isn't fun, but it is all about self sacrifice for the good of others.
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    Pyrotechnic experiment about masks

    That was pretty awesome... a good excuse to burn stuff.
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    Clemson's Trevor Lawrence proposes to longtime girlfriend: 'Everything I've dreamed of'

    Uninformed? Why? Because he didn't ask you? I suspect he talked to a lot of people who know him a lot better than you do. TL has alluded to a time during his Freshman year when he broke up with her. According to him, he lost his way and was unfocused during that time. I think that was his...
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    How bad do you want football?

    :):) I desperately want it, so your 8 is my 10. After all, this was supposed to be our National Championship and Heisman year :). Also, I am getting a little uncomfortable agreeing with so many of you Gamecocks; we need football to argue about!! (See, I used "Gamecocks" instead of another...
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    My top 10 posters in no particle order. What's yours?

    I liked the Farrah Fawcett one from the mid 70's in the one piece. Heather Thomas in the blue bikini Kathy Ireland Cheryl Tiegs pink bikini Seems like I remember a Samantha Foxx I can't think of 10. In fact, I had to use google for the last two on my list. I'm getting old.
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    Crazy Covid Test Stories.

    There is a lot of ignorance and pride and pride in ignorance.
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    Binge worthy Shows?

    I enjoyed it on Netflix until the ending. Apparently some sort of tax deal with the Keys stopped so they stopped filming pretty early and had to rush the ending. It was very unsatisfactory.
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    Song(s) that you're embarrassed to admit that you like?

    Not a fan of the music, but that dancer in the black pants had great, uh, moves.
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    Song(s) that you're embarrassed to admit that you like?

    Awesome! I haven't heard that in a long time.
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    Masks and social distancing are important.

    Some things you a have to remember: 1. The comorbidity that you are talking about is also present in the deaths associated with the other "bugs" you mentioned. 2. The death rates of the other "bugs" occurred without mitigation efforts in place. 3. I don't recall seeing NYC ever putting bodies...
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    So proud of our coach and team for taking part in the Columbia march

    Agree. I am 52 and I have great hope for these young'uns, even the ones wearing that silly garnet.;)
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    OT: Miss SC sues USC

    As much as it pains me to say, I'd have to side with UofSC on this one. State colleges are not exactly taking in money right now. We all need to suck it up. My oldest is at UNC taking stuff on-line. It is what it is; no need to make things worse.
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    Music: Overrated / Underrated

    Good call. I also like She's A Rainbow.
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    Beer...(I like Beer)

    Porters and stouts: sweet, not dry, especially imperials. IPAs: Nice and hoppy. Always go for local crafts.