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  1. ForeUSC

    Winning or getting paid ???

    Sorry but I have to say this. These pro athletes in all sports better get serious about their money!! They better worry about how to protect this economic system that has been developed in this country that has allowed them to earn these huge salaries.
  2. ForeUSC

    I’ll guarantee you this much on Bobo

    Makes sense particularly when you consider his rather lackluster recruiting compared to the rest of the top teams in the SEC plus Clemson. When you are not as talented, overall, as the top programs then your best chance of beating them is to limit their opportunities to run up the score. This...
  3. ForeUSC

    Cincinnati wrong to release Brennaman for using the wrong word.

    So, you’re better than all those eight grade boys
  4. ForeUSC

    Cincinnati wrong to release Brennaman for using the wrong word.

    It’s amazing that you could read his mind and know that he was not making a true apology and even more amazing that you know that whenever anybody uses the words, “I’m sorry if anybody was offended” that they are not making a true apology. I’m truly sorry if this comment offended you!
  5. ForeUSC

    Official USC schedule thread.

    He won’t be saved by his record. He will be saved by an outbreak of the virus forcing games to be cancelled sometime before week 7.
  6. ForeUSC

    SEC coaches complain about added opponents

    We didn’t win the games we were supposed to win against teams not as good as we were.
  7. ForeUSC

    SEC coaches complain about added opponents

    I dont have any facts to back this up but i doubt we complained much about the schedule when we had those 3 straight 11 win seasons. On the other hand we seem to have been unfairly treated in the womens BB tournament on a couple occasions.
  8. ForeUSC

    Got a question. Does this make sense, or am I nuts?

    You mean follow the money that actually pays for all of these athletes to be on scholarship (both men and women), you mean the money that drives the good done in this great country and allows the US to provide for the welfare and protection of many other countries, you mean the money which has...
  9. ForeUSC

    SEC coaches complain about added opponents

    Probably correct. We need to do something about it. Get better!
  10. ForeUSC

    This might have been addressed already...

    But I haven’t been on here much lately. Is it possible that the ruling college football authority (ncaa) will allow seniors or lower class potential NFL players to transfer from a team in a conference that has cancelled this season to a college that will play this season?
  11. ForeUSC

    Acc will play this season but

    How about some context to this stat. Here is one bit of context. We have lost to a top five Clemson a number of times over whatever period of time your stat covers.
  12. ForeUSC

    Screw the SEC, Play Clemson.

    No.....give it up. We are in the SEC. We had our vote and it wasn’t enough.
  13. ForeUSC


    Obamacare advice.... if you like your putter you can keep your putter Dont switch just to be switching.
  14. ForeUSC

    Why is it that we look for argument rather than agreement

    I don’t usually respond to critics of President Trump. I only voted for him because of the alternative. But you have a great memory of his “Labeler” comments. Wonder if you can remember the many, many comments by those of the opposite party about him.
  15. ForeUSC

    Clemson has responded. It sounds promising. that old enough or maybe too old. I’ve seen a lot. Clemson let us leave the ACC when they had indicated they would leave too. I have lived here all my life and have been to many of the games. I speak for me and no one else....the rivalry means nothing to me. We’re in the SEC they’re in...
  16. ForeUSC

    Clemson has responded. It sounds promising.

    Sounds like a typical Clemson fan...where were you when y’all were losing 5 in a row...guess you were trying to grow a pair then.
  17. ForeUSC

    Clemson has responded. It sounds promising.

    Fla doesn’t need Fla St; Kentucky doesn’t need Louisville; Ga certainly doesn’t need GaTech; We DO NOT need Clemson. But we all need the SEC. I don’t care if we ever play Clemson again.
  18. ForeUSC

    Clemson has responded. It sounds promising.

    Be careful.....we owe our loyalties, support and financial well being to the SEC....not to Clemson
  19. ForeUSC

    WBB: Ty Harris @Dallas Wings

    I thought the game tempo was too fast for her.