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    SI reporting SEC will be conference games only

    No OOC rivalry games.
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    Masters Tickets

    Would *love* to know y'all's secrets for winning the lottery. I've struck out every year since it started. lol
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    Story from South Florida publication on Edmond
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    *** South Carolina National Signing Day Central ***

    Flipped a kid from South Florida. Gilber Edmond. Info on twitter at @JonSantucci and @gilbergotups. Wonder if that means anything, RE: Burch
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    King Dixon appointed to BOT? Are we serious?

    In all seriousness, I had no idea he was still alive.
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    Dakeron transferring?

    Kentucky took a WR, put him at QB and let him do nothing but run. Bowl game. We kept trotting out an injured pocket passer, even when we had NOBODY that could catch the ball. I'm not a big fan of the transfer portal, but if I were Joyner, I'd have left WEEKS ago.
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    "Joyner can't pass well"

    RE: Joyner can't throw ... We don't have anybody healthy that can get open and catch, so what exactly is the point of having a QB that can throw?
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    We have a game today & no one really cares....these are sad times for Carolina football.

    I really wish this was a noon kick so we could get it over with and go on with the rest of the day.
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    Hypothetical Muschamp ?

    I'm not sure if you saw, but we just lost to App State. Maybe we can stop with the idea of beating Clemson. Having said that, I can live with the idea of giving him one more year, considering the injuries. But looking at next year's schedule, if he can't get back to 7 wins at the absolute...
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    So, about the East ...

    As ridiculous as this sounds, and with the understanding that we could be down to a third-string QB the rest of the way ... If we can figure out a way to beat Florida, the A&M game could absolutely be for the East title.
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    Game thread. USC/ UNC..

    They had all offseason to prepare and this is what they came up with. Holy cow.
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    Game thread. USC/ UNC..

    Somebody's gotta be the fall guy for this. Whether it's the head coach, assistant, QB ... somebody.
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    Game thread. USC/ UNC..

    I'll go to my grave totally baffled at how he threw for 500+ against Clemson last year.
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    Game thread. USC/ UNC..

    Bench him. Seriously. And use this year to get Hlinski ready.
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    Game thread. USC/ UNC..

    Either we have less talent than a bad North Carolina team (fire them) or we're being wildly outcoached by North Carolina (fire them). Either way, fire them.
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    Game thread. USC/ UNC..

    This really is inexcusable. I mean, this is full-on pathetic.
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    Game thread. USC/ UNC..

    MIght beat Tennessee.
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    Game thread. USC/ UNC..

    Went from can't recruit but can coach to can recruit but can't coach.
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    Game thread. USC/ UNC..

    Look, I'm as optimistic as anybody, but this can't be considered anything other than a full-on disaster. And even if they win, they've shown no reason to think that they're anything but 6-6 at absolute best. They have to be good enough to roll the ball out and win by double-digits over this...
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    Game thread. USC/ UNC..

    Well ... looks like I'm going to be watching a lot of not us this year.