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    Never seen this much rain in my life

    Y’all, BobbyB is probably floating in a life raft somewhere in the middle of the Gulf and you’re up in here talking golf!
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    Any news on Jalen Brooks?

    I don’t get what takes so long. Seems like those who make these determinations should have a meeting once a week where they go over tranfers and their pending eligibility. Seems like it should take about 5 min of file review. Sounds like somebody needs to take some time management courses.
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    Looking for structural engineer to evaluate house settlement

    I’m not a structural engineer, but I did sleep in the bushes outside a Motel 6 last night.
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    How do you plan on spending fall Saturdays this year?

    Bike rides in the morning, college football after that.
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    Never seen this much rain in my life

    Destin is def getting the brunt of it right now. That sucker has just been hovering.
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    Photos: Final training camp practice

    I hope we're fast!
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    Lets review. 2 weeks til we play.

    I honestly thought we were playing this upcoming weekend. So, I guess that's good news! Or something.
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    What Muschamp said on South Carolina's QB battle

    I’d say we’re looking at Hill as the starter.
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    Duke is really well coached

    That transfer QB seemed to be helping the cause in the first half. Ain't watched since halftime.
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    Also, what happened to hiring babysitters and leaving your kids at home? We have a Dinner Club that was set up for DINKs (Dual Income, No Kids) and SINKs (Single Income, No Kids). Well, over the years, some of the couples have bred and now they bring their newborns, toddlers, young kids to...
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    This why I want to start an Adults Only subdivision. Or mini-city or whatever. No kids allowed. I was enjoying some Mexican fare in the outdoor seating area of a favorite cantina of mine recently. Damn kids were screaming and carrying on to the point where I got splashed twice while they...
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    Gamecock Football Players in Trouble ?

    I am no athlete, but I lived in the barracks as an Army grunt for a number of years. Fights break out living like that. A lot. Just everyone has a camera these days.
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    Better than 500 (come at me kids)

    I have no idea what to expect. Don't know what to expect in terms of conditioning, practicing, installation, etc. This goes for both South Carolina and their opponents. Guess I'll grab a beer and go along for the ride.
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    Binge worthy Shows?

    I mean, I guess I could look it up myself, but where’s the fun in that? lol
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    Binge worthy Shows?

    Is El Chapo part 3 of Narcos? And is it released? LOVED the first two.
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    How will you watch (location, gathering) games?

    I'm going to cover myself in Vaseline and watch games in my closet.
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    In case you thought there was a chance you'd get to enjoy sports

    You old boomers might as well sell your TVs and pick up a new hobby. Might I suggest sitting out back and whittling sticks? This ain't going away anytime soon.
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    Max Kellerman: SEC Fans are Dumba****

    He’s not wrong.