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  1. NaturalGC7

    Clemson announces furloughs for thousands of employees in cost-saving measure

    If no games were played, bankruptcy for city.
  2. NaturalGC7

    Last year.....WOW!

    We suck on offense and defense. Our coaches suck. Our won/loss records sucks. It could be a sport I might drop without the financial side.
  3. NaturalGC7

    Penn St NO fans

    But Dablow and Urban and Kirk said they would play.
  4. NaturalGC7

    Clemson schedule released with OOC game

    Clempsux will not play the Citadel. They tend to lean towards high school JV or 10th grade teams. Neither of these two options are far below the ACC choices. Dablo slept with his mom for 3-years while in college in Alabama. He and his tight end coach have started to drop the "N-word" for...
  5. NaturalGC7

    3-Key players missing from weigh-in at Klemsux....

    ......and now silence.
  6. NaturalGC7

    TCU's Gary Patterson used the N-word during practice this week...players and administratio...

    responding. Dablow uses n-word along with a staff member and they get a pat on the back. Plus Dablow slept with his mom for three years while i college. Who does that?
  7. NaturalGC7

    The Dabo summertime publicity stunt.

    Dabo had sex with his mom for 3-years at Bama.
  8. NaturalGC7

    South Carolina's lack of investment in its basketball programs

    Tanner has two goals......Spend as little money as possible and overpaying our two highest profile coaches.
  9. NaturalGC7

    With MLB threatening to shutdown their season, that just got started, does anyone believe there will

    MLB has more money and more safe measures in place. Football is hands on and contact is happening on every play. We will never see college football this year. The only thing that will put all sports back in play is a vaccine next spring.
  10. NaturalGC7

    John Butler commitment announcement live feed 3pm

    The football players don't want SEC. They figure they win one game against an orange team and they have a chance for playoffs. There certainly isn't any competition against the 10 or 11 reams in that crap league and these players get to play for a ring. If our coaches can't beat these same...
  11. NaturalGC7

    Supporting athletics

    Tanner will never let that happen. He has his few he loves, but the others are considered left-over trash.
  12. NaturalGC7

    The Washington Football Team

    The ballzy move would to keep the RedSkin name with a @ next to it. F**k BLM, Antifa, thugs, robbers and fire setters. My life growing up was just fine and the blacks I associated with were just fine with me to them and them to me. They be a lot happier if they re-elect Donald and quite...
  13. NaturalGC7

    Trevor and Marissa

    GA board had this guy as gay as a $4 bill when he signed with KKKlemsux. Who knows what a guy wants?
  14. NaturalGC7

    I just got so excited and wanted to share the news!!!

    After reading this, I want to shoot myself.
  15. NaturalGC7


    Black lives matter. SAT and ACTs do not when trying to figure out why black lives matter. The white kid will evaporate from basketball if Frank gets his way and eliminates these two test.
  16. NaturalGC7

    My OP-ED RE: Clemson name change.

    It's not who they are, but who they act like they are.
  17. NaturalGC7

    How bad do you want football?

    I would like to watch SEC, B10, B12, and Pac12. No other conference is enjoyable to watch or competitive and won't be for another 6 or 7 years.
  18. NaturalGC7

    With no football this year,

    the Clemson government says it will bankrupt the entire community. How bad would this be and would the university have to abandon all sports. Seems exaggerated, but not unheard of.
  19. NaturalGC7

    Best place to retire to

    I'm going to Disney World.