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  1. RickyRooster

    Sellouts? Will there be any?

    Ah yes, the 'ole "if you don't agree then you're a racist" theory. Who woulda thunk, bo?
  2. RickyRooster

    What is your “Common Courtesy” pet peeve??

    Not only do you not know where in the hell this money goes, if it actually makes it to said charity, you are giving that same company a tax free donation with YOUR MONEY. Laughing
  3. RickyRooster

    OT: lab puppies

    Ugh...maybe because he wants a certain type of dog? Eyeroll Certain color, size and build, shed or no shed, temperament, expenses for food and shelter. If he wanted a shelter dog I assume he would go there.
  4. RickyRooster

    What is your “Common Courtesy” pet peeve??

    This burns me up as well. However, because of Covid and no entry inside, the last two Chick fil As I've been to the employees taking your order will direct you which car to follow after they've taken your order. And that alleviates the need to joust for a position in line as you drive through.
  5. RickyRooster

    Target joins Walmart in staying closed for Thanksgiving this year

    Ultimately this is great. However, don't think for a minute either one of these companies gives two f*cks about their employees spending time with their families on Thanksgiving. This is all purely Covid driven. Who knows, come Thanksgiving some leftist schmucks and woke SJWs will declare...
  6. RickyRooster

    Binge worthy Shows?

    Rectify is on my list above. If you like Aden Young as an actor, he is pretty awesome in Reckoning on Netflix too, which is also on my list.
  7. RickyRooster

    Anybody got a great hidden vacation spot they go to?

    Ellijay and Blue Ridge Georgia
  8. RickyRooster

    Are public salt water swimming pools high risk for Covid?

    We are members at Topspin in Lexington. They were a saltwater pool but made the conversion to chlorine for COVID as I understand it. We are there every weekend and some weekdays if we can make it. Chairs and umbrellas are spread out per family. Use normal precautions like washing hands and...
  9. RickyRooster

    Binge worthy Shows?

    A few that haven't been mentioned that are excellent: Succession - HBO Reckoning - Netflix The Outsider - HBO The Leftovers - HBO Waco - Netflix Rectify - Netflix Messiah - Netflix
  10. RickyRooster

    What's on your menu for Memorial Day?

    Yep, but I've never made it before. MIL posted a Pinterest recipe and it looked delicious.
  11. RickyRooster

    What's on your menu for Memorial Day?

    Going to throw some 1 inch pork chops on the grill and finish off with a jalapeno peach glaze.
  12. RickyRooster

    Who's getting a haircut today?

    Went on Monday to Sport Clips on Forest Drive. They have a Check in Online process that a lot of folks take advantage of because it will tell you when to arrive so you don't have to sit and wait. They open at 10am, and by 10:15 when I signed in online for my stylist, I was the 46th person in the...
  13. RickyRooster

    OT: Patio furniture? Other than the obvious are there any retail store that have a decent Pricey but really nice, solid furniture. In West Columbia.
  14. RickyRooster

    At what point?

    But, but, but.....polls show 75% of Americans still say we should be locked down! News flash - those are the people who are still working and feeding their families, the other 25% is the millions out of work, money, and food to feed their family.
  15. RickyRooster

    At what point?

    There will be an increase in infections and deaths, which is to be expected. We are going to end up doing what Sweden did, except we're doing it twice, and have destroyed our economy and millions of lives in the process.
  16. RickyRooster

    Fauci on the defense...again

    Trump touch your butthole? :(:(:(:(:(
  17. RickyRooster

    Why is Mitch McConnell so ineffective during this crisis?

    Hell, from the standpoint of a majority leader I completely agree - most of the time he is worthless. Not a fan. But I think the frustration comes from the fact they thought this was all but done, and then you have folks playing games, playing with lives. Never let a good crisis go to waste.
  18. RickyRooster

    Why is Mitch McConnell so ineffective during this crisis?

    By the sound of his displeasure on the floor yesterday, he/they had been working on this bill for weeks and it was all ready to go. Both parties had agreed to it in good faith, and then here comes Pelosi to add ridiculous non-essential pork to it.
  19. RickyRooster

    OT Anyone doing intermittent fasting

    No worries and no need to apologize. I went back and read where you said "playlist" and then thought maybe you didn't mean to include that first video.
  20. RickyRooster

    OT Anyone doing intermittent fasting

    o_Oo_Oo_O WTH kind of video was that? Starving yourself is not what intermittent fasting is. Good grief what a deceitful video. I want that 8 min of my life back.