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    4, 5,6,8,10,15,23

    Based on the new top 25 we play 7 teams ranked in the top 25 out of the 10 games we play. 5 in the top 10. Just freaking crazy.
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    Muschump rated SEC coach most likely to be fired by ESPN

    He's not had the talent across the board you will see in 2021 and 2022 if we stay healthy and our recruits stay committed.
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    Dabo, the coronavirus and CFP

    1. So you honestly don't think over the past 20 years South Carolina would have fared better against an 8 game acc schedule compared to an 8 game SEC schedule. Ok. That's delusional. Clempson went to a BCS bowl after USC biotch slapped them and finished 10-2. We're ranked higher and had more...
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    Dabo, the coronavirus and CFP

    A couple things. 1. How South Carolina does against an ACC team they play once in awhile doesn't speak to the strength of the conference. If you honestly believe USC wouldn't win more games in the acc compared to the sec you are delusional. The 5 year span USC beat clemson they were the best...
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    What's about to happen with college football this week

    The 2020 season is going to be cancelled and players like Justin Fields and Trevor Lawrence have played the last down of college football they will ever play. We can keep believing differently, but ultimately this is happening.
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    Debated whether to post this, but my question is why doesn't

    LOL. What brings in the top players is they cheat. Many of you think it's jealousy. It's not. Those of you old enough to remember when they won the one national title they had in 1981 the NCAA put them on probation FOR MAJOR VIOLATIONS. THEY WERE BANNED FROM A BOWL GAME AND TV FOR 3 YEARS. Once...
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    South Carolina's lack of investment in its basketball programs

    If Dawn Staley can win with what we currently have Frank Martin should be able to do the same. I bet USC has never had Staley talk with Martin or Muschamp about how she's built a national power. That's what needs to happen.
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    Third friend this week tested positive ...

    The lack of energy is 3-4 times worse. My symptoms have stayed the same for 15 days now. Sinus like headache on a regular basis. Just taking a shower wears you out. With the flu the symptoms for better much quicker.
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    Third friend this week tested positive ...

    I took it very serious at the beginning. Then after a few months started going out again. Went to a cookout at a friends house and now 7 of us have tested positive. I'm 50 and been sick for over 2 weeks. It's a nightmare. I live in Greenville. Please protect yourself. Getting this can be miserable.
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    The Demise of our Men s programs

    Yeah. Sure beats 2 national titles at baseball and another time game appearance and a trip to the final 4. I feel confident at baseball and basketball they would trade places.
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    Has each generation gotten progressively worse

    Actually just the opposite
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    Best Vacation Spot in SC?

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    Binge worthy Shows?

    Las Vegas.
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    'Go Cocks' Cheerleader Poster.....Who owned one and will there be a new one? [pic]

    She was a good friend of mine in college and lived 2 floors down from me in Bates House our freshman year.
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    If there was one loss, in any sport, that you could change into a win,

    100 pct the loss to Navy in 1984 at football. We would have been 11-0 and played for the national championship.
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    12 U of SC students have the Cootrona virus.

    Clemson fans call South Carolina the coots. So it's funny you see to call the corona virus cootrona. Just hilarious.
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    12 U of SC students have the Cootrona virus.

    Woburn Tiger- This is a topic headline of his on the tigernet2 site. Can you imagine the type of person who thinks this is funny? Someone can link it. I can't figure out how to do it. Part of that fan base is such trash. It amazes me when I see them talk about other fans. They are some of the...
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    National Champion and that’s that!!

    An entire season and conference tourney being played is a bit different than a handful of baseball games. If the entire baseball season had been played and UF was no 1 then you should be the champion under these circumstances
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    Just our luck they ban all fans from NCAA/Empty arena

    Maybe they cancel the womens and men's NCAA tourney and the no 1 ranked team is declared the national champion.