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  1. heavycock

    Gamecocks name Hill QB1

    Hopefully the hair will help.
  2. heavycock

    Our reality

    I imagine a world where we don't start crying about our team and coaches until after we lose a game. Just be patient little one, I'm sure it won't be long.
  3. heavycock

    You know you are getting old if you can remember (fill in the blank).

    Not exactly what you're asking, but I always feel old when I catch myself commenting on how much trees have grown in a certain area. Being sad that the only drive-in theater in Greenwood was being torn down but kinda happy because they were putting in the first K-Mart which was pretty big time...
  4. heavycock

    ‘ The amazing numbers behind the Braves' 29-run outburst’....ESPN...

    This is hilarious, sad and dead on serious all at the same time. I didn't think that was possible Laughing
  5. heavycock

    Somethings in life are so satisfying you can’t put into words ...

    Sure it's nice to see rude people get their comeuppance sometimes and shaming her for being a rude b!t#@ would have been cool, but you decided to shame her for being poor.
  6. heavycock

    Would you rather?

    Write in vote for Mike Morgan.
  7. heavycock

    Hope springs anew with Bobo offense

    Like all of us, I've watched us be behind but close in games and get that glimmer of hope whenever we get the ball on O..."OK, just a couple first downs and a shot into the end zone and we're right back in this game." Gets you on the edge of your seat and puts that little fire in your belly...
  8. heavycock

    Hope springs anew with Bobo offense

    DO NOT MAKE ME DRINK THE KOOL-AID!!! Laughing I'm trying to be more pessimistic and curmudgeonly these days and I'd rather be surprised than disappointed. I've had enough of the latter and I've drank so much damn Kool-Aid over these years I should have the sugarfoot by now. So I see 2 wins...
  9. heavycock

    Barton Simmons analysis of Gunner Stockton

    Never heard of him but I don't follow this stuff religiously. He wrote "seem" instead of "seam". Anyone that writes for a living and makes mistakes like this I take with a grain of salt.
  10. heavycock

    South Carolina freshman RB Marshawn Lloyd suffers season-ending injury

    Did we do something bad in a past life to deserve all this $hit?!? Not to make light of ML's injury - I hope he has a quick and complete recovery.
  11. heavycock

    *** Forum upgrade coming tonight ***

    Agree with BT. The right side of the page has a video (half ads, half headline pics or player videos) and then I guess a list of the most recent posts. Takes up a good third of the page. I'm on a PC using Chrome.
  12. heavycock

    ESPN FPI projects South Carolina's wins, losses for new schedule

    Well that $&^$%&^ SOB sure worked some first year magic against SOS his first and only year at Tennessee lol. Good lord that was painful.
  13. heavycock

    OT: Anyone else tired of seeing the Tom Selleck reverse mortgage ads?

    Anybody that hawks predatory loans to old people by telling them they can trust him is a shitheel.
  14. heavycock


    You can take my crabapples when you pry them from my cold dead hands.
  15. heavycock

    Anybody out of work or been out of work during all this?

    I've been at 60% schedule/pay for a few months. Used PTO to keep by paycheck whole for a while now we're just getting by but it hasn't been that bad as we're not spending nearly as much on gas, eating out etc.
  16. heavycock

    Question about masks...

    Doesn't really make a difference as I'm usually looking a bit lower ;)
  17. heavycock

    There is a new SEC short video out if

    Not bad. Laughing Nice dig at UGA there. Also I'm pleasantly surprised we were bidding and not up onstage being bid on o_O
  18. heavycock

    My Covid-19 story

    Glad you all got through it and thanks for sharing. If you don't mind me asking, how/where do you think you got it and what was your COVID protocol prior to getting it? i.e. staying home and masked-up everywhere you went, were you eating out at restaurants etc? (edit: to clarify, where do...
  19. heavycock

    OT: funniest thing(s) your kid(s) ever said when little

    Tubing with the family in Helen, GA years ago. My five-year old daughter's tube is connected to mine as we float through downtown where all the beer-gartens are overlooking the river. They don't allow alcohol on the water so I jokingly said to my wife 'I wonder if someone would throw me a...