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  1. mUSCle Gamecock

    Big 10 & PAC 12 to cancel season...

    I'm not hiding my motive. I hate clemson. I say that there can be no legitimate champion. LaughingLaughingLaughing
  2. mUSCle Gamecock

    Big 10 & PAC 12 to cancel season...

    So there will be no official CFB Championship, correct? How can you have a legitimate champion if 2 huge conferences are out?
  3. mUSCle Gamecock

    Clear as mud

    We get it, some of you hate Trump and some of you love Trump. Let's just frame our personal preferences and use any avenue available to express our love or hate of Trump. I'm telling you, the side that politicizes the COVID-19 pandemic the most, will end up hurting their party the most.
  4. mUSCle Gamecock

    Good ole Dabo

    People are seeing him for the selfish person he truly is.
  5. mUSCle Gamecock

    Klempsuxx has another weak....

    We get it, you love clem. We allow clem fans here. (A lot more so than any clem board allows USC fans) You don't have to hide behind sayings like, "When WE won the east..." Come on man. Defend your team and be honest about your loyalty.
  6. mUSCle Gamecock

    Klempsuxx has another weak....

    Nobody said it was clem's fault. But good job defending them as always. It says something when lurking taters like your posts more than Gamecocks.
  7. mUSCle Gamecock

    I guess after Braden Gallaway at Klempsux caught those

    Be careful, JDishnell, a silver member, (Whatever that is) is going to get mad at you saying something bad about clemson
  8. mUSCle Gamecock

    OT: Lawrence > Burrow?

    Of course not, he has drank all the Dabo kool aid. Eyeroll RollLaugh
  9. mUSCle Gamecock

    Did Dabo go in the LSU locker room after the game to congratulate them

    Dabo had very gracious words, but I doubt he is sincere in his motive. He is playing to the recruit's parents. His message to them was, "I am the best man there ever was. I am kind and gracious and you would be a fool to let your son play under any other coach." Just my opinion.
  10. mUSCle Gamecock

    Sorry to burst bubbles

    ^^^^^THIS^^^^^ no doubt. Easy schedule, less chance of injury.
  11. mUSCle Gamecock

    Is 0 for Chapel Hill in danger?

    Says the tigger on the USC sight. jumpingsmilejumpingsmilejumpingsmile
  12. mUSCle Gamecock

    LSU lost two recruits today, so it's not that unusual for any team to

    No real Gamecock fan is happy with this years season in football. But the biting sarcasm some display relentlessly is a bit much.
  13. mUSCle Gamecock

    RE: The video after the MBB game yesterday. For all that is holy don't refer to Clemson as quempsum.

    This how you tick off a clem fan: I always remind them that no matter what we will always be THE University of South Carolina. It says so right there in the name. But I tell you what, we will let you be the University of Clemson, even though Clemson is still in SC, we will be generous and LET...
  14. mUSCle Gamecock

    How did Clemson become elite overnight?

    By and large our fans are not as fanatical as theirs. A much larger percentage have their whole identity wrapped up in clem football. And this is not just the country bumpkin, orange overall wearing fans. So many who graduate there and have become successful always have an orange tie on, a lapel...
  15. mUSCle Gamecock

    Conversation with a Clemson fan

    Nah, most Carolina alumni enjoy football, but their self worth is not based on a game.
  16. mUSCle Gamecock

    I find it strange that quempsum is a

    That was my first thought as well.
  17. mUSCle Gamecock

    Recruiting under Muschamp...

    I thought we would be recruiting at a much higher level by now. Maybe at least one 5 star and mostly 4 starts per each recruiting cycle (Yea, I know stars mean nothing). Where my expectations unrealistic?
  18. mUSCle Gamecock

    Dakeron transferring?

    He retweeted this as well. <blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">Your biggest test will be how you handle people that mishandled you</p>&mdash; Robert Griffin III (@RGIII) <a href="">December 4, 2019</a></blockquote> <script async src=""...