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  1. titaniumspur

    OT: Oh Boy FSU, more bad news

    That’s the first time in years I have seen Florida State and positive in the same sentence.
  2. titaniumspur

    UNC vs UNCC Cancel due to COVID

    Unless Clemson wins it all. Then we will get to hear about being the most meaningful season in history.
  3. titaniumspur

    My Senior Football Season...

    Well written. Sounds like you had a first class coach who prepared you for life.
  4. titaniumspur

    The PAC-12 got taken by con artists

    The real danger is that we are entering a post-truth era.
  5. titaniumspur

    Lets review. 2 weeks til we play.

    Who is the starting center? That’s my biggest concern.
  6. titaniumspur

    Ga Tech beat free shoes by 3

    That’s been historically true. If I had time I would like to graph it out.
  7. titaniumspur

    Ga Tech beat free shoes by 3

    Some of the best athletes in the world have come from the Florida panhandle, and the state of Florida in general. Miami and the U of Florida have not been as good lately as in the past. It’s a mystery why FSU continues to struggle.
  8. titaniumspur

    UT call off scrimmage....

    Clemson = smart orange. Tennessee = dumb orange.
  9. titaniumspur

    OT: Lowes versus Home Depot

    Now that there are some games to watch, the Home Depot ads are back, I assume Lowes as well. It’s ridiculous how often they use the exact same suppliers. How can one claim to be better than the other if the suppliers are the same, the prices are the same, and both are self-checkout? I know they...
  10. titaniumspur

    OT: Attention Greenville people.

    Anyone got a Lamborghini for sale? John Gray did not resign this morning, but admitted to some of the same stuff as last time. He might be in the market for another car.
  11. titaniumspur

    Thank you for asking the question Kornblut....

    Some of you need to watch actual police videos instead of watching tv. When a perp is drugged up, they can be almost impossible to stop. These controversial situations rarely show how the perp has been fighting the police for an extended period of time. All of the officers may have been fatigued...
  12. titaniumspur

    Jimmy Foster

    Jimmy had knee surgery at some point. As soon as he got out of the hospital, he limped all the way across campus without crutches to change his girlfriend’s flat tire. I knew a guy who asked Jimmy if he needed any help, of course he said he was fine.
  13. titaniumspur

    Stock Market

    Solid post. Thanks for the intel. I am afraid it is 100% correct.
  14. titaniumspur

    This is the fault of morons Goodell, Silver, Emmert, etc. We watch sports to get away from politics, not to be further immersed in it.

    The NBA makes a lot of money from China. China is currently oppressing an ethnic minority called the Uighurs to the point of genocide. The NBA does not care about oppressed minorities, the end game is to destroy the current political order in the US.
  15. titaniumspur

    Dabo, the coronavirus and CFP

    Clemson is loaded and deep. They have a good shot at winning it all next year too. I don’t think Dabo is very stressed about it.
  16. titaniumspur

    NC State classes

    I expected the college education bubble to pop, maybe it’s slowly deflating.
  17. titaniumspur

    Family day at the zoo ruined

    Is the elephant named Muschamp? He obviously has trouble scoring.
  18. titaniumspur

    GA St. QB not playing because of Covid-related heart condition

    Well said. I heard from a very reliable source yesterday that It was looking more and more like all the games would move to the Spring.
  19. titaniumspur

    UNC cancelling in person classes

    This is a huge factor that is hardly discussed for some reason. It explains why some young, healthy medical care workers have passed away.