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    Dual Threat vs Pocket Passer

    You're not going to win a championship without a QB who is pretty darn good at scrambling. Watson and Lawrence running definitely played a pretty dang important part in crucial parts of their season and definitely in the playoffs. Alabama even had to start recruiting more mobile QBs. When those...
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    Quarantine all college students to the school

    Then letting them drive a car must be absolute insanity, in your eyes.
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    Wow...cheapest nosebleed seats for game plans will be $275 each!

    It includes the seat donation too. I'd have to look at my info from last season, but I believe it's averaging out to be the same price.
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    Binge worthy Shows?

    Loved Peaky Blinders but I can't hang with a show but for about three or four seasons. I did watch all of Breaking Bad though.
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    Max Kellerman: SEC Fans are Dumba****

    I basicall It's been proven time and time again that deaths are being attributed to the virus that are due to something else, so no, 180,000 have not died from it. Biden and Obama voters doing all the rioting and looting. People losing THEIR jobs due to the President being at the muzzle of the...
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    Binge worthy Shows?

    Spartacus. Alf if you like comedy.
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    Max Kellerman: SEC Fans are Dumba****

    Good thing I'm an American fan, Trump is just by far the best QB to lead us to a championship. As far as Kellerman goes, he needs to work on his fake wannabe accent a little more.
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    Missing Spurrier

    I can say a lot of good, I can say some bad, but I can definitely say I always felt like we had a chance every game with Spurrier.
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    The weakest generations

    NC has had a more restrictive, statewide mandate in effect longer than South Carolina. Probably by at least three weeks or a month.
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    Whats your favorite Golf Courses you have played?

    Just imagine the randomness of ending up at THAT golf course and it ended up being where Two Gloves got started. Crazy.
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    The weakest generations

    How has that worked out for North Carolina. From the data I've been watching, masks haven't helped one damn bit. SC looks to be doing better than them with no statewide mask mandate.
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    The weakest generations

    “Hard times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men, and weak men create hard times.” "You can vote your way into socialism but you have to shoot your way out."
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    Whats your favorite Golf Courses you have played?

    Bethune CC and Goodale State Park! Seriously, I'm horrible at golf but here's a very funny story from a couple years back.
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    Here is what is REALLY happening with University’s

    How can it be any different that a football player gets the virus versus a regular student getting it?
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    Screw the SEC, Play Clemson.

    Let me take a guess on that. SEC would come down with some heavy punishment on us but would still let all of the other SEC teams play and scheduled Clemson in future years with no restrictions.
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    Danny Ford on South Carolina, Clemson: ‘If it were Alabama, Auburn ... they would find a way

    Yeah, but the whole conference is kept bent over a barrel in regards to scheduling and division alignment all because of rivalries involving guess who? Auburn and Alabama. Alabama/Auburn-Alabama/UT- and Auburn/UGA.
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    What would your jersey patch(es) be?

    Ray said he believed in the 1st amendment so it could be anything you wanted it to be, correct? It's a flawed statement to cite the 1st amendment in this regard but if that's how he sees it, they wouldn't be restricting any message.
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    Gamecocks should sport a "Matter is the Minimum" patch this year

    You'ren naive enough to believe this is about black people. They don't give a shit about black people, hell, black people don't give a shit about black people. They only care about getting dis'spected. The mistake you've all made is believing you can prey on people being nice and polite. That...
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    OT: A Great Day in Yellowstone

    Really want to make that trip soon. Maybe in early to mid September.
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    What is your “Common Courtesy” pet peeve??

    Unused seconds left on the microwave. And in that regard, stupid microwaves that require you to hit 'time cook' before entering time. Just let me hit the numbers.