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  1. sclawman77

    The PAC12 right now.

    Okay I was exaggerating but it was from Gameday interview last week. Stanford coach kept stressing "testing" over and over.
  2. sclawman77

    The PAC12 right now.

    I heard the PAC12 coaches interviews last week. PAC12 will play-only if they can test every player after every series to make sure they test "negative".
  3. sclawman77

    Ginsburg passed

    It'll be a woman after what Kavanaugh went thru
  4. sclawman77

    Ginsburg passed

    Fox News just said with a Republican Senate a replacement will be pushed thru immediately
  5. sclawman77

    Ginsburg passed

    Isn't he President until year end regardless and Congress keeps its seats until year end too?
  6. sclawman77

    Ginsburg passed

    You know Trump is going to fill that vacancy
  7. sclawman77

    Gamecocks name Hill QB1

    He's practicing at receiver probably. That's our M.O.
  8. sclawman77

    A'ja Wilson named AP WNBA POY
  9. sclawman77

    Anyone have an example of a HC becoming a winner after failing at it for 6 out of 8 years?

    Fair points. Think there's a big difference in saying the right things and doing the right things.
  10. sclawman77

    Anyone have an example of a HC becoming a winner after failing at it for 6 out of 8 years?

    Pete Carroll was an average NFL coach before taking over Southern Cal. Of course he cheated so that helps. I can't stand him but he's done well at Seattle. That said, I think Muschamp is a lost cause.
  11. sclawman77

    Lets review. 2 weeks til we play.

    No decision on who's coaching the team
  12. sclawman77

    Gilmore gets $5 million raise
  13. sclawman77

    Muschump rated SEC coach most likely to be fired by ESPN

    Yep 4-8 at UF or Auburn gets you canned. At Carolina, 4-8 gets you more time-to bury the program completely. You have to admit if between Tanner and Muschamp their #1 goal was to suck the life out of the football program (and for Tanner all mens sports) then they've succeeded.
  14. sclawman77

    Stock Market

    Fauci hath spoken-and the doom and gloomers go sell as fast as they can
  15. sclawman77

    Edwards expected to start first game as Raider
  16. sclawman77


    Fed ex cup and $15M check. Heckuva season
  17. sclawman77

    DJ Fading...

    How bout that 43 foot putt to send to a playoff with Rahm? #1 vs #2
  18. sclawman77

    Spoke to our friends with Season tickets today...

  19. sclawman77

    Thank you for asking the question Kornblut....

    The Atlanta cops in that incident will all be exonerated. That was a justifiable homicide. Stole a police weapon and pointed at them.