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  1. redrogers

    The PAC12 right now.

    It is!
  2. redrogers

    Ginsburg passed

    Damn it didn’t post. Pfffft!
  3. redrogers

    Ginsburg passed

    Sweet! An emoji!
  4. redrogers

    Ginsburg passed

    Trace Adkins.
  5. redrogers

    Gamecocks name Hill QB1

    The UT game is never a normal well called game. It’s always a bunch of phantom calls (and non calls)that generally go against us. Add in a glass tiger at QB, and this is a recipe for disaster.
  6. redrogers

    Any news on Jalen Brooks?

    Agreed, but Jalen has grown ALOT since high 3-4 inches (+/-). He’s a rarity in that aspect. If Izzy and Horn are impressed, that speaks volumes, IMO.
  7. redrogers

    How do you plan on spending fall Saturdays this year?

    I ll be watching Carolina Football and pulling for whomever is playing Clemson!
  8. redrogers

    OT- US OPEN/ Discussion

    Go DJ!...but Shauffle(sp) is due imo.
  9. redrogers

    Big 10 proves what I said some time ago. University Presidents, even BOT's,

    Their statement said “...we now have a plan in place for extensive testing...” Do you mean like the SEC? The ACC? The freakin’ Sunbelt? Or are you insinuating the standards and policies we have in place aren’t doing enough?! What a joke?! Blowhards.
  10. redrogers

    Bass Fishing

    1/4 Roostertail. Run parallel to shore and against drainage ditches. No muss. No fuss. And $5 a piece. I’m envious of saltwater fisherman. I’m always solo, as nobody else in my family gives a crap! I grew up on Murray and caught plenty on a”Tail”. Bream to 10# bass. Top water fast retrieve in...
  11. redrogers

    Nebraska President let's slip Big Ten plans to be announced tonight

    Oops! If they start after the SEC, and play more than 8 games, they’re going to be left out of the CFP. Clemson will have an extra two weeks minimum along with Oklahoma to get it is.
  12. redrogers

    Anyone have an example of a HC becoming a winner after failing at it for 6 out of 8 years?

    Without looking, I believe his 6-4-1 season included a tie to us?
  13. redrogers

    Michigan standing in way of BIG revote

    I should have been clearer, I was speaking of TV coverage, not anything to do with social spacing.
  14. redrogers

    2021 QB commit Gauthier

    Good points, but if WM meddled with Bobo, we’d all be going ape$&?!.
  15. redrogers

    The veteran and USC professor who predicted 9/11

    History will remember Bush’s impromptu speech to the emergency personnel. Still, it gives me goosebumps.”....Soon the people that knocked these buildings down will hear you....”
  16. redrogers

    Jamey Chadwell for new HC??

    I’m all for it. He is one I truly hope we don’t let get away. He is an offensive coach. and very sharp and inventive. He took NDSU to overtime in the Fargo Dome while at CSU.
  17. redrogers

    Edited: Stockton vs Vandagriff tonight night at 8 on ESPNU

    This kid needs to learn to slide! But damn he finishes his runs! A punisher!
  18. redrogers

    WBB 2021 Recruiting class update

    Fudd Brewery is Duff Man’s mortal enemy !