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    Funny watching these football games

    Go read the OP, you are 100% wrong. His post was griping about people not being allowed in the stands when players were breathing on each other in piles etc. The exact opposite of what you posted. You asked if adults should have freedom of choice. I answered that adults did make a choice. Does...
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    Funny watching these football games

    Adults did make the decision. The teams/league/gov decided not to allow fans to enter their stadium. What you're really saying is you want to impose your wants on people who've decided they don't want you in their facility.
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    Gamecock Football Players in Trouble ?

    Lots more to this story. There was no lynching & the walkon is far from a victim. Very far.
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    Ortre has opt out per CBS Sports

    That's it and I don't think he played a down in Michigan.. Something like 5 star player, highly recruited player Sparky missed out and ended up getting a couple years later... No that's not it. Lawrence Mitchell never played at Michigan & was not a bust. He did get hurt on the opening kickoff...
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    Strom Thurmond Complex - Didnt see this coming

    Several mentions of cancel culture in this thread. Funny, these same people are apparently fine with the king of right wing cancel culture himself. Just a few days ago our pathological liar & wannabe King was using his position to urge his sheep to boycott Goodyear Tires. Where is the outrage...
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    The weakest generations

    These kids are unbelievable. They disavow any responsibility and blame everyone else Horrible traits, we agree. Hopefully they're never put in a position of leadership. That would be a disaster. A total disaster:)
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    Screw the SEC, Play Clemson.

    Yep, either they haven't ever run a damn thing in their lives and/or are simply ok with not honoring your commitment to your conference. . Anybody ok with saying screw the SEC and doing your own thing should also be ok with the SEC saying screw you when it comes time for the conference...
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    Anyone actually think we will have a full football season?

    Don't know if it will start, could I guess, highly doubt it will finish. Clear to me the SEC start date is nothing more than a mechanism to buy time & see what develops. In other words, I doubt they are at all confident in that date.
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    At least Jim Cantore didn't show up in my town

    Of course it wasn't too bad inland, wanna see what the water looked like where the storm came onshore just north of the SC border. Go to about 2;45 on the tape
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    TCU players revolt after coach Gary Patterson allegedly used racial slur

    Kid is mad about his playing time & said so. Were he playing as much as he thinks he deserves this never happens. There is enough real stuff that goes on, it's unethical to try to manufacture a nonevent into an event. Probably be best for everyone involved if the kid moves on & I have a strong...
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    Uh oh....

    UCONN has announced they have canceled football for the 2020 season. Think they are the first FBS school to do that. (could be wrong)
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    Hope our schools are better prepared...

    I hope I'm just dead wrong, but you have a highly, highly contagious virus, children packed wall to wall in hallways, touching desks, chairs, talking, hugging, etc. I give this experiment about a 5% chance of success. When 61 people attend a choir practice, with one infected member, then 52 of...
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    Herman Cain has died of COVID perWashington Post

    I think it was part of that big beautiful health plan that was going to cover everyone for much, much lower cost. You know, the one that never existed. But had it existed, it was going to be big, and beautiful, put together by the best people.
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    Anybody have any Gamecock football questions? I'll answer them here...

    With the delay until Sept 26 to start the season, does on the field practice still start today or begin at a later date while continuing S&C? Thx Chris
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    NCAA to allow patches on the uniforms

    Not only did they You seem to be saying contradictory things, One one hand you say people who are on it earned what they are receiving & then turn right back around and argue that it's popular because people are being given things. (eg $1 million) They either earned it or its being given to...
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    North Georgia YMCA summer camp...

    Yep, unfortunately no way in hell to contain this in a school. Once it's there it will 100% spread.
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    CDC Director said today that kids should be returning to in-person school. Cites increased depressio

    I'm of the same mind set. I truly believe if I got it I would survive. No health issues, in decent shape etc. Reality is that I guarantee you that many people who died probably had the same mind set as you & me. We generally always seem think I'll be the other guy. Just human nature I guess.
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    Herman Cain has died of COVID perWashington Post

    Drama queen? You're not quite sure you'd compare Hitler with John Lewis & you call someone else a drama queen? Damn. You must be a trumpster.
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    Herman Cain has died of COVID perWashington Post

    You're "not quite sure" you would go so far as to compare him to Hitler? Are you out of your damn mind? I don't recall Lewis ever ordering the death of a single individual much less 6 million Jews. I'm gonna go out on a limb & say that 99.9999% of the population is very sure that John Lewis...
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    NCAA to allow patches on the uniforms

    I don't necessarily disagree, but many folks live almost their entire lives living paycheck to paycheck, when you can barely meet your obligations saving for retirement is not a priority (I get it but don't endorse it). Some also just want everything now so that's on them. But most importantly...