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    UCF demolishes Georgia Tech in Atlanta,

    Tanner is more likely to bring in Gene Chizick.
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    Am I looking at it wrong, or...

    There is no way Covid could infect anyone in Hunnington with all the meth and heroin pumping through their systems.
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    Tailgating vs TN

    If I’m not mistaken they also announced no ticket no park.
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    Georgia State vs. Louisiana ESPN 2

    He hasn’t been granted eligibility to play yet. They are still waiting to hear.
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    Our reality

    I think it’s pretty telling that the primary counterpoint to this is to attack the poster.
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    Does Hill have 2 years left to play due to a medical redshirt? *

    With the way QBs go here Hill may end up at WR.
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    Gamecocks name Hill QB1

    “It was a very difficult decision,” Muschamp said. “You look at our three scrimmages, which are the three benchmarks really in the evaluation. Ryan was the player of the day in the first one; Collin was in the second. Both of them played extremely well in the third. It was very difficult, a hard...
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    Need prayer for my wife......

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    Gamecocks name Hill QB1

    No insinuation at all. Bobo and Muschamp both said that the competition was even and this isn’t the first time Bobo has brought along a QB to his new job. Personally I don’t think any QB would make a difference with this team. Unless some guys have record level development there isn’t anything...
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    Our reality

    He threw for 325 yards. We had 21 yards rushing as a team. Joyner was our leading rusher with 14 yards. QB play was not why we lost that game.
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    Coaches Poll has us in the other's receiving votes in top 25

    He doesn’t get a vote which makes it even more amazing.
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    Gamecocks name Hill QB1

    I’m all for open competition but the thing everyone seems to be overlooking is what it means for the state of our program that a guy with three knee surgeries and no P5 offers is beating out a highly recruited QB in year 5 of the Will Muschamp era. I don’t know if it’s all poor coaching or poor...
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    Coaches Poll has us in the other's receiving votes in top 25

    I really want to know who the 18 votes came from. That is absolutely fascinating even with the limited team pool to choose from.
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    Sellouts? Will there be any?

    This is the part I’m more curious about. There is a large number of our fan base that rolls in midway through the first quarter and are out by the third because the game interrupts their tailgate. If they break the habit of leaving home on Saturday and realize they don’t have to stop with the...
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    Our reality

    He might have had more talent on the offensive side of the ball at CSU. Whether we have SEC talent is completely debatable.
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    The PAC12 right now.

    I do find that it is interesting that in all this talk only one group is ever brought up despite another group who leans the other way having members arrested and being heavily involved in issues in multiple locations. Why just Antifa and not Boogaloo?
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    Sellouts? Will there be any?

    I haven’t seen anything outright banning it. The fairgrounds are closed and the school lot is going to have reduced hours with a “No ticket, No Park” policy so it wouldn’t be the same there. Unless McMaster or the school tells the other lots they can’t open I suspect there will be some...
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    Sellouts? Will there be any?

    We haven’t really “sold out” for years now. I know it’s reduced seating but it isn’t going to be anything like it has been in the past. It’s a near empty stadium, you aren’t in “your seats” and around the same people you’ve been around for years, significantly reduced tailgating and there really...
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    Gamecock Baseball 2020 Recruiting Class Ranked #8 by CB

    I always find baseball recruiting to be the most complicated of all the sports with the competition of the MLB draft. Excellent results and it’s amazing how much the SEC just seems to pull in baseball wise.
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    Dual Threat vs Pocket Passer

    I completely get that but the insinuation was that we shouldn’t expect success now because in state talent is down. I was just looking for the individual who felt that way to explain how the other in state team is bucking that trend. I know why but I was curious where they were coming from.