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    I haven't watched any of the NBA since before China 19 shut it down, so I don't know what Zion looks like or how effective he's been. But if he got down to 240 - 250, would he be as effective and impactful a player than he would at say 280? Does that extra weight help him, even though it may...
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    Anyone besides me like paper vs. mobile tickets

    I preferred the old paper Spurs and Feathers.
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    Vandy Pauses Football Activity

    This is some bullfeces! I'm one of the 12 people that actually watches Vandy football. Thanks, China.
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    I have a friend that went to USC a few years after I did that said there was mold galore in her apartment.
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    When I was at USC I used to think it'd be great to stay there. I've heard otherwise. How was it?
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    See you in a few months....

    Leash, my ass. That nut requires a straitjacket! Laughing Good luck and stay safe.
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    OT: What is the strangest or most exotic food you've ever eaten?

    This topic may have been posted before, but I couldn't find it if it has. What is the strangest...oddest...or most exotic food you've ever eaten? For me, it was kitfo. It is a national Ethiopian dish of raw or almost raw beef, mixed with spices. It is usually eaten with a type of bread called...
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    Secret video from inside Chinese detention center

    Just awful. A couple of interesting articles.
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    Penn St NO fans

    Fu**ing China!
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    Ryan Reynolds apologized for his 2012 wedding with Blake Lively at Boone Hall,

    I don't think most of them feel any actual guilt. Some do, but not most. I think it is just the thing to do right now. Like when Kobe died and it seemed like everyone had to come out with a public statement about how much he meant to them. It is just a herd effect for leftists.
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    Ryan Reynolds apologized for his 2012 wedding with Blake Lively at Boone Hall,

    What a dope. But at least he's going to make his kids feel guilty.
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    Let’s fix College Football

    But no, not 1969....but around the mid-80's on, it just needed a couple of minor things to make it perfect. Oh, and I want those 1am high scoring WAC games back.
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    Let’s fix College Football

    Get off my lawn!
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    Keith Matkins

    I remember being so excited when he committed.
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    Let’s fix College Football

    Idiots have done their best to ruin...or rurn if you're from the football. No conference should have more than 12 teams. These ridiculous 14 team conferences are too unwieldy. Some may say 12 teams are too many. Put teams back where they damn belong. West Virginia in the Big...
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    How is it safer?

    You're right. Sheep rectums are a vector for disease. When will clemmers learn?
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    Liberty University Poured Millions Into Sports. Now Its Black Athletes Are Leaving.

    Interesting that this thread is still unlocked, yet others get locked. I mean, we know why the racist liar that started the thread did so in the first place. I'm in favor of not locking any posts, btw.