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    Tom Seaver passed away at the age of 75

    Tom Terrific - sad!
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    Thank you for asking the question Kornblut....

    How come we never, ever hear anyone on the victim`s side - family, lawyers, politicians, etc. - encourage the public to cooperate and do what the police ask you to do? Whether it is stop, get out of the car, put your hands up/down, whatever. Almost every one of these situations would never have...
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    Max Kellerman: SEC Fans are Dumba****

    I`m very proud to be a Deplorable - much better than being an anarchist, socialist, looters, Antifa, out and out criminal, Marxist, whatever you want to call the Dems. Doc Rivers should be ashamed - someone should ask him how many of the rioters/looters/violent anarchists are going to vote for...
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    This is the fault of morons Goodell, Silver, Emmert, etc. We watch sports to get away from politics, not to be further immersed in it.

    Sports is supposed to be an escape - now there`s no escaping. They have lost many fans, I`m sure, over the past couple of years and I`m afraid they are going to lose a lot of fans going forward. Once they opened that door it will never shut. Goodell apologizing for "not listening" to Kap. I bet...
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    It's happening -- college football playoff schedule announced

    Ridiculous - money grab and everyone knows it - should be cancelled like the entire season. For once I agree the The State editorial board - may be the one and only time.
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    Rocky Top threatens to expel students if they have parties - but they`re ready for kickoff!!!

    Such hypocrisy by all of the big schools, who should cancel the season instead of forging ahead so they will get paid. I for one, just know if we play I`m just not going to be into it this year. Maybe you will but I won`t.
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    Elite academic institution, UNC, won`t let students go to class, but they can still play football! $

    apparently rules in that elite academic conference(that`s what they want you to believe), the ACC, as well as the SEC and Big 12.
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    SEC/South Carolina WBB attendance

    Still waiting for the National Championship trophy - Emmert have you forgotten? Or did that season just not count.
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    UNC cancelling in person classes

    Unsafe to sit in a classroom where you can wear a mask and social distance. Safe to play a game where you may get scratched, bloodied, spit on, etc. The only thing that makes any sense about that is $$$. Thought the pristine Tar Heels were above selling out.
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    UT at USC. I like it...... 1st game*

    SEC, ACC, Big 12 should be ashamed. Should just scratch the whole season. Money talks doesn`t it. For once I agreed with The State`s Editorial Board, who said things very well - there should be no football this year. The typical excitement is just not going to be there, not to mention the health...
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    WIS' Rick Henry needs our prayers...

    Agree - he has always seemed like a good guy. Have spoken to him a couple of times just saying hello and he was always pleasant.
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    So Emmert says there can be football champs. with 40% of teams out, while BB completed an entire

    season with no champions? What an incredible moron? He said nothing about USC and Kansas being #1 at end of season, thus earning a championship, but he plans to have champions in a bogus football season? Again, sound like $$$ is the bottom line, as that makes no sensel.
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    I have to admit, during the shut down, I didn't miss sports...

    Same - they are going to kill the goose that laid the golden egg. Don`t think I will ever be as wrapped up in it as before. I will watch our Gamecocks but we can obviously survive without sports, which a lot of us didn`t think we could do. I don`t give 2 cents about pro sports anymore -...
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    SEC, ACC, Big 12 more concerned about $$$ than players` health- that`s the bottom line & we all know

    it. You can pretend, I won`t. Every second we turn around - masks, stay 6 ft. away, no large gatherings, spacing out people at restraurants, DIsney World, wherever. Can`t go see a movie. But you can tackle, get your sweat, spit, blood all over other people safely - yeah right! The ACC doctor...
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    Big 12 "moving ahead" with fall football per report

    What would be the point other than conference championships? You can`t have valid playoffs/bowls with 40 % of teams not involved. Sorry, have to agree with them - how can we(as a country) preach social distancing/masks, etc., and say it`s ok to bash each other, get all beat up/skinned up...
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    Spring ball makes no sense. Two big reasons, among many others:

    Agree - everything else has been rescheduled a year later, may as well just do it. Spring football makes no sense - basketball still going, baseball and other spring sports going. It is what it is.
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    Time to give it up - football for 2020, that is. Sorry, you aren`t going to convince anyone that

    playing football will keep players more safe than not playing. With BIG 10, PAC 12 gone, it would be a joke for the other Power 3 conferences to play.
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    Thought we should just play regional teams. SEC should boot Missouri and A&M. ACC should boot BC,

    Pitt. Miami and Notre Dame(I know - they won`t). Won`t have to fly anywhere to play. Oops - throw out Arky too. Let the remaining SEC and ACC teams play each other in a playoff. The winners advance until one team is left. Let everyone else sit out this year. Winner is NC. Someone draw up some...
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    Felt that Earthquake here in

    Live near Ft. Jackson and felt it. Thought either something was going on there or somebody had put the dog on the bed.
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    Can`t go to school, can`t go the movies, can`t eat out or go to the gym - but we can play football??

    I love football, always have. But how can we have people telling us, for months, not to touch each other, shake hands, etc. How can we say it`s ok to get out there and tackle others, get all beat up, cut up, etc. - all part of the game, of course. Basketball too, for that matter. So they have...