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  1. uscedge21

    Stock Market

    Good call on WKHS. Must be trading on inside info on USPS contract. More to come? I've been eyeing PLUG for a year now. Just doesn't seem to be able to gain any traction.....
  2. uscedge21

    Anyone have an example of a HC becoming a winner after failing at it for 6 out of 8 years?

    This!!! Never get tired of being reminded....
  3. uscedge21

    Anyone have an example of a HC becoming a winner after failing at it for 6 out of 8 years?

    Bill Snyder at K St. did not do much his first 4 years. Starting in '89 he went 18-26. Then over the next 11 years his teams went 109-29, winning 11 games in 6 of those seasons. I think most on here would take that record in a heartbeat. It's not out of the realm of possibility. Go Cocks!!!
  4. uscedge21

    Cam vs Brady

    Patriots are 25-13 versus Miami since 2001. Just curious what point you are trying to make.....
  5. uscedge21

    WBB 2021 Recruiting class update

    Well......Clempson got a 52 rated 4-star.
  6. uscedge21

    You know you are getting old if you can remember (fill in the blank).

    Rin Tin Tin Cutting neighbor's lawns for 4 hours and pocketing $2.25 Gas wars...... Mom's home cooking every Sunday after church Being hall monitor in grammar school....wore the sash But no, don't remember the Gros.????
  7. uscedge21

    Stock Market

    I really thought you were being facetious. Of the 10 stocks you originally mentioned, 6 are under investigation for fraud. The other 4 do not excite me in the least. Didn't waste my time looking at your other recommendations. You are free to invest in whatever you wish. Best of luck to you....
  8. uscedge21

    Stock Market

    Hope you are not trying to make a living as an investment advisor? Did you do a Google search for companies under investigation for fraud? Ha..... did make me look!
  9. uscedge21

    Stock Market

    Hmmm.......I think this is a risky play at best. People are moving away from NYC in droves. The work at home environment is here to stay for a large number of corporations and businesses. There are much better options for "dead money" in my opinion. Hope I am wrong for your sake. Good luck....
  10. uscedge21

    Stock Market

    Two potential crashes in the span of 6 months. Sounds about right. It's 2020!
  11. uscedge21

    RIP Chadwick Boseman

    Am I the only person on the planet that has never heard of this person? We need to fast track a cure for cancer.....
  12. uscedge21

    It's happening -- college football playoff schedule announced

    I doubt any of the players competing and busting their butts will think it is meaningless either....
  13. uscedge21

    It's happening -- college football playoff schedule announced

    Not meaningless! I'll take it. Do any Gamecock fans think a national championship would be meaningless if we were to win it?
  14. uscedge21

    PGA one 59 already today and D. Johnson -11 thru 14

    I would respectfully disagree. He has been number 1 in the world for 92 weeks and climbing. That is the 5th highest in history. I find it strange that Phil Mickelson has never been ranked number 1....
  15. uscedge21

    Elite QB Gunner Stockton commits to South Carolina football

    More like job security for Bobo. Great pickup. Takes the sting out of losing Lloyd for the season....
  16. uscedge21

    Cincinnati wrong to release Brennaman for using the wrong word.

    I am offended when anyone uses BLM. It is a racial slur! I am a small % of the population so it is unacceptable to use it on television (or anytime).
  17. uscedge21

    OT: Fire Ant Mounds

    Would like to see some on the field at Williams-Brice!!
  18. uscedge21

    Program Changing Strategy for any school

    What about a good bagman?