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  1. NC Garnet & Black

    Cam vs Brady

    Dolphins beat patriots almost every year even when Brady was there.
  2. NC Garnet & Black


    "Get off my lawn !!" Sheesh..How old are some of you on here??
  3. NC Garnet & Black

    Ohio State going rogue? Wants to play this Fall?

    People are forgetting that even if they pulled this off, they would be required to play in the spring when the B10 conference sactioned season is scheduled to take place. No way they could have b2b seasons.
  4. NC Garnet & Black

    Photos: Gamecock football practice #2

    To be honest we To be honest some look like they should be on "Last Chance U". Hope conditioning doesn't become a factor again this year.
  5. NC Garnet & Black

    SEC Switching Up Divisions

    Get rid of divisions all together. Top 2 play in SEC championship game.
  6. NC Garnet & Black

    Nebraska back peddles

    Of course they did. Dont want to mess with that BIG10 money which rivals the SEC
  7. NC Garnet & Black

    1st rule of negotiation, press the advantage. . . .

    Wrong. Actually, the ultimate power for managing the risk for the pandemic lies solely with the school presidents in conjunction with BOT. AD/Coach or the fan base input doesn't mean squat.
  8. NC Garnet & Black

    Army v Navy - I guaranteed it gets played

    I get the passion, pageantry and history around Army-Navy game. But In my opinion the actual game itself is not that good.
  9. NC Garnet & Black

    SEC & ACC will play

    A lot can change between now and 9/26. I think SEC will wait until the last minute to make a decision. But If I had to put money on it, I would go with all fall sports being canceled at the collegiate level.
  10. NC Garnet & Black

    Tanner: Big Ten might not affect SEC "a whole lot"

    Tanner better check with the university lawyers before commenting. If two or more Power 5 conferences cancel, it will be difficult from a liability standpoint for SEC to still move forward.
  11. NC Garnet & Black

    Letter from Ray

    Will time change how Tanner is perceived? Say 5-10 years after he retires, would people be open to having a statue of him for what he has done as a coach in front of Founders park? Today I would say yes but few more years of this crap and I may change my mind.
  12. NC Garnet & Black

    Letter from Ray

    To me his legacy is forever tarnished.
  13. NC Garnet & Black

    Big 10 & PAC 12 to cancel season...

    Not having a unified leadership structure (NCAA Not!) is going to kill the season
  14. NC Garnet & Black

    Big 10 & PAC 12 to cancel season...

    According to Dan Patrick: "Big 10 and Pac 12 will cancel their football seasons tomorrow... The ACC and the Big 12 are on the fence.. And the SEC is trying to get teams to join them for a season."
  15. NC Garnet & Black

    Fall Football Season without Fans or Move Season to Spring with Fans

    Can you imagine we pull off an upset like beating LSU and no fans are there. Its the old adage " If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound"
  16. NC Garnet & Black

    Fall Football Season without Fans or Move Season to Spring with Fans
  17. NC Garnet & Black

    Two players already have opted out for us...

    Say that to their big and bad behind the keyboard