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    Uh oh....

    This is good news, but sadly it’s not the entire story. (I’ll post just one story about heart issues, there are others about lung and organ damage caused by the infection) Covid-19 infections leave an impact on the heart, raising concerns about lasting damage...
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    Uh oh....

    When a few people had Ebola, trump stoked the fear that the medical experts and our CDC didn’t know what they were doing or saying. (They did) Trump never spoke about the 99.99998% of Americans that didn’t have the virus. He spoke to specifically hurt the president. how hypocritical of you...
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    Will you pay over face value this year? Let’s say only 20k

    LOL I wouldn’t attend if you paid me $100 for each home game.
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    UNC cancelling in person classes

    Very sadly, a coworker of mine (what I would call a bit of a COVID denier) told me today a dear man at his church died of COVID over the weekend. when something hits close to home, it has a way of changing your mind.
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    OT: lab puppies

    Agree. Way too many absolutely wonderful dogs literally dying for a home at your local shelter.
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    OT: lab puppies

    yes and VERY, VERY proud of it. Every time I visit my shelter and see all the wonderful dogs without a home, it ticks me off. so very proud To do it. Thank you.
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    UNC cancelling in person classes

    As bad as that was, it’s nothing compared to our current deal.
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    UNC cancelling in person classes

    a 3rd wave is likely coming.
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    UNC cancelling in person classes

    I just bought a renters policy for my college student. I’m considering buying tuition insurance.
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    Dorn Smith, the new chair of the board of Trustees at USC

    He’s a medical doctor. he’s “only” been on the board 8 years. With respect to USC’s board, that’s the equivalent of a premature baby.
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    OT: lab puppies

    Nope. i only get animals from the shelter. Have a wonderful lab mix for 7 years now from the shelter.
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    Has anyone seen this in person?

    There is a statue of Lincoln in Moscow. the Lenin statue is fine. The story clearly says it Is very rare as it depicts him as a violent revolutionary and is a symbol of art.
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    Did anyone watch the Clint Eastwood movie Richard Jewell last week on

    The movie and spectrum series twisted some things about Kathy Scruggs. The spectrum series exaggerated the timeline of how they pursued Jewel. But it was a good series.
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    Did anyone watch the Clint Eastwood movie Richard Jewell last week on

    He has the right to take verbal shots at trump like anyone else. I love doing it.
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    Why the college football season is in jeopardy.

    I don’t have the answer but when a business owes its existence solely to The sports teams of a local college, it would be a good business move to diversify a bit. that business might not be able to do that by itself but might need help from local politicians to develop some diversity.
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    Who do y’all like better

    I usually use USPS. Mailed a next day letter priority express last week and it got to the Midwest destination the next day on time. I was pleased.
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    No patrons or guests at The Masters this Fall

    Very disappointed but understand. our family had 6 tourney badges this year. We usually have 4. Oh well. Wait until April.
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    College football (or lack thereof) and socialism

    I respect the heck out of Anyone protesting something when they clearly believe in their cause. I’d be proud to support their right to protest.
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    2000 Miss state vs A&M snow bowl is on SECnetwork.

    Watched it from an almost empty Mexican restaurant near St. Petersburg, Florida the night before the Outback Bowl. my friend and I got to the restaurant early on New Year’s Eve and watched the game and since we were not party guys, went back to our hotel well before midnight.