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    Falcons with another epic meltdown

    We know how to choke them up. Like an adult film star.
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    What is your guess as to what the point spread will be for the UT game? EDIT: I found a line.

    Not sure if it’s out but I heard Tennessee by 3 so if confirmed @Carolina4 nailed it. @mavcock might have a career in Vegas as well
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    Uniforms That Need to Come Back Permanently

    Let’s be honest the 80s were where uniforms were on their A game. If everyone went back to what they were wearing in the 80s in every sport, you’d have pretty cool uniforms everywhere. Obviously expansion teams excluded
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    Around a month ago somebody posted about fire ants.

    My first thought but I also knew they weren’t back yet either!
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    Did we even offer Chris Rumph, the DE from Duke?

    Yeah Deke didn’t turn out to be a great hire....LOL
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    Am I looking at it wrong, or...

    Tough pill to swallow but it’s true.
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    Did we even offer Chris Rumph, the DE from Duke?

    Don’t know the whole story but it’s possible Rumph did since he did coach at Florida.
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    Did we even offer Chris Rumph, the DE from Duke?

    Yeah seems I remember Spurrier saying “Rumph who is that?” referring to the father and a usc coaching vacancy so I feel pretty certain we had no chance.
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    Need prayer for my wife......

    Congrats man that’s awesome and it’s getting more rare to see people together that long
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    Sellouts? Will there be any?

    They definitely would be wise to focus on making the game day experience more attractive for those choosing to do it. In hindsight, this should have been the priority over upper deck expansion in the South end zone. Right now we can’t sell those tickets. Even when we could, the bigger money...
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    Collin Hill Highlights: Western Illinois vs Colorado State

    That was a clutch TD pass though. Helped me with the backdoor cover. I’m pretty sure I cheered louder than anyone.
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    My Senior Football Season...

    At least when you saw Duce running all over UGA and then teams in the NFL, it’s a little easier to swallow. If it makes you feel any better I really didn’t stand a chance tackling Woodrow Dantzler and it didn’t help that he had Alex Barron blocking for him in the rare chance that he stepped...
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    Sellouts? Will there be any?

    Let’s be honest it’s mostly 4-8. There were really only 3 games of the 8 losses where we even had a chance to win (N.C., App State and Florida). In a 10 game season we will be lucky to go 5-5. It’ll likely be worse. Covid certainly factors in but if we were coming off 8-4 we wouldn’t have...
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    Dual Threat vs Pocket Passer

    More than one way to skin a cat just be good at what you do. Tom Brady, Joe Montana and Peyton Manning were never much of a threat to beat you with their legs but they could kill you with their arm. Steve Young, Connor Shaw and Lamar Jackson are some examples of dual threat. You don’t have...
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    Braves pitching

    So true. Why we dumped money into Flowers and let Suzuki walk is beyond me. The only silver lining was seeing him win a World Series....but I hated it was with the Walgreens Nats. Jackson or Contreras would be an upgrade from Flowers. AA’s only move was to put a flier in for Milone was...
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    Gamecocks name Hill QB1

    Good point. I’ll even hammer away at my own argument and admit any play caller could look bad on any one play call.
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    Gamecocks name Hill QB1

    It’s funny because it’s probably true.
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    Gamecocks name Hill QB1

    To play devils advocate, you can trust Mike Bobo all you want but to me he will still be the guy that decided to let HUTSON MASON throw the ball from first and goal at the 4 instead of giving it to: A. Todd Gurley B. Nick Chubb C. Sony Michel This against a Lorenzo Ward defense. I was glad...
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    Hillinski vs Hill

    I’ll say this, Hill better produce if you’re going to make this move. I’ll be shocked if Hilinski plays beyond this year in a Gamecock uniform.