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  1. J

    OT:Interesting find on Venus

    Have you ever been to clemson?
  2. J

    Cam vs Brady

    I doubt Brady is the best ever. I'll take Montana, and I think Peyton was better than Brady too.
  3. J

    So Coach K and the ACC wants everybody in the Tournament this year.

    FFF won't like this at all. He's not used to coaching in March.
  4. J

    OT: What is something you've never done that most people your age have done?

    I thought I'd have more exposure to midgets what with being in a relationship with one, but I didn't. I guess midgets are territorial, like a wolverine.
  5. J

    Second NBA player stands for the anthem

    What a melodramatic pussy.
  6. J

    Second NBA player stands for the anthem

    Rollerdude on his way to a Carolina game.
  7. J

    Second NBA player stands for the anthem

    Dude, you're wasting your time. Conservatives and republicans are bigots. It doesn't require a thesis to say that.
  8. J

    Second NBA player stands for the anthem

    I was at every one of those home games, too, and what he said is true. He didn't say each game had at least 75,000, he said they averaged 75 to 80 thousand.
  9. J

    Welp, FFF blew it again, huh? Another...

    ...instate prospect has flown the coop. Are we sure FFF could even get one of his children to commit? The only good thing about coronavirus is it gave FFF an excuse to miss the NCAA tournament this year. Next March he'll be hoping we all catch bubonic plague or lupus. But he didn't get left out...
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    OT: Dating a midget. Advice needed, because I don't want to have a bunch of drama in my life.

    Dear lord, it is over! I'm finally out of this midget induced stupor and am a free man! For months I've been chasing my tail hoping to get out of this relationship with my bawdy, abusive, hot midget girlfriend. Over the past few months dishes have been broken, glasses have been thrown, my...
  11. J

    SEC football coaches photoshopped as women..

    On a scale of 1 to 10, how worried should I be that some of them arouse me?
  12. J

    A J Lawson to go Pro has until June 3 for final decision.

    I wish FFF would go pro. Let him not make the postseason in the NBA.
  13. J

    Dumbest thing you’ve blown money on .

    A Fedora hat for an entitled, ungrateful midget. And a fedora hat looks ridiculous on any female, but on a midget it is just absurd.
  14. J

    Let’s play a Gamecock word game!

    Forever Failing to Find the postseason.
  15. J

    Let’s play a Gamecock word game!

    FoR reAl all I waNt to Know is Gregg MARshall will be ThIs school's Next coach.
  16. J

    Coronavirus or not, I'm still counting this as another year FFF missed the tourney.

    Now losing another good player. I guess getting cussed out and ridiculed in earshot of thousands of people isn't a good recruiting tool or retainment tool. Meanwhile, Ray probably dreams of throwing a contract extension at FFF like he would bread to a duck.
  17. J

    Here is a bit of Good news....

    That sh!t ain't free. I'm paying dearly for it.
  18. J

    Have any of you ever been bitten by an animal? What kind of animal? Was it bad?

    I was the one that started that thread back then. I got bit on the left hand by a horse and a parrot in the same summer years ago. The parrot bite hurt worse, believe it or not. Also, I've recently been bitten by an inebriated midget.