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  1. GatorlandGamecock

    Cocks Mt Rushmore - Aja Wilson, John Roche, Michael Roth, and the football one is a tough one.

    George without any doubt. He not only won the Heisman, but he has been a Carolina ambassador ever since.
  2. GatorlandGamecock

    Cocks Mt Rushmore - Aja Wilson, John Roche, Michael Roth, and the football one is a tough one.

    George without any doubt. He not only won the Heisman, but he has been a Carolina ambassador ever since.
  3. GatorlandGamecock

    Why is it that we look for argument rather than agreement

    My mother, God rest her soul, taught me that in all life if you see nothing, say nothing. I rarely comment on what others say for that reason.
  4. GatorlandGamecock

    I could use a little Lou Holtz or Steve Spurrier

    I said in another thread that was talking about our not signing 5 star players that it is all about the coach. A great coach can win.with 3 star talent because of his ability to coach and motivate a winning attitude. They can evaluate players and coach them into winners. Just look at Shaw...
  5. GatorlandGamecock

    Are we in this mix with any 5-star, franchise types, this year?

    Maybe, but I submit that the real reason is the coach. The coaches that are great can pick and choose their players and the come because of the coach. Spurrier, Saban and yes, even Dablo. Stars don't always play out, but a really good coach always does.
  6. GatorlandGamecock

    Anybody else read labels these days?

    Freddy there are 14 companies that sell clothing made in USA. All you have to do is Google it. Now the problem is about 10 of the 14 are in California, and for my money, that is not much better.
  7. GatorlandGamecock

    Anybody else read labels these days?

    I read labels and buy USA made products where possible.
  8. GatorlandGamecock

    The difference between a plateau, a mesa, a butte, and a monument.

    The shirtless guy in the red swim trunks, making a sandwich, with the SC tag, did you see a Clemson decal in the back window?
  9. GatorlandGamecock

    Seeing how we are renaming things around the country, It's time to rename our mascot

    I say we rename it The University of South Carolina JACKALOPES. who could have a problem with that?
  10. GatorlandGamecock

    OT- Kamato Joe Classic II .

    Thinking of buying one but at $1200.00 I would like to know if anyone owns one. Seems to be higher rated than the Green Egg. Is it worth the investment, or is there another one on the market more reasonable? Thank you in advance.
  11. GatorlandGamecock

    Stupidest thing you ever did as a kid or teen and live to tell the story

    Rented a BMWmBMW at age 18 on Harden street. Never ridden a motorcycle in my life. Practiced for a couple of hours and took it down Bluff road at over 100 mph. No helmet and no idea of mechanical fitness of the machine. Helmets we no an item. Does anyone remembers the old black tressels...
  12. GatorlandGamecock

    What team(s) do you hope implodes this season (not the obvious)

    Florida with UGA a close second. Actually I wish all of the SEC east would implode, I don't like any of them, even the Commonwhores
  13. GatorlandGamecock

    Social distancing at Williams Brice

    Unfortunately, by mid season it will not be an issue. I wish it was different but I am at the point where Muschamp needs to show me because my optimism has taken a beating.
  14. GatorlandGamecock

    A certain thread got locked before I had a chance to defend myself.

    All religion at times has been prevented by man both Muslims and Christians. Jesus came to offer a way for those of faith to overcome their sins which we cannot help but sin evey day in thought, word, or deed. As far as God deciding elections or taking out anyone that is not how He works in...
  15. GatorlandGamecock

    Why are all post regarding Covid closed?

    We are quests on this site and while Shoe wants us here, there are rules. If you do not understand that and cannot abide by the rules, then sadly, you must begone. It is not a democracy and no one else has a say in the rules or how they are applied. I am just glad that I have a place to...
  16. GatorlandGamecock

    This is one reason I will never vote for the nutty left. Washington State came within one vote of

    As long as they depend on the government for everything. Dems however will kill your baby for you. Maybe that is what we people think or equate as freedom.
  17. GatorlandGamecock

    Anybody ever been to this place? A lot of talk about it

    No Freddie.B, you know you are old when you graduated and left Columbia 48 years ago, and never knew the place.
  18. GatorlandGamecock

    Favorite Country Songs

    I will always love you by Dolly Parton.
  19. GatorlandGamecock

    OT: Where have you lived?

    Born in Columbia S.C. Orangeburg S.C. Charleston S.C. Shelbyville Tenn. Cookeville Tenn. Port Orange FL.