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    Buy or sell (presented by Bishop Real Estate Group) contest - USC, UT rushing yards

    Which team fumbles and gets picked off more?
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    There seems to be a great difference of opinion among the masses.

    Don’t forget about the other 3 games. The SEC Championship and the national playoffs. If you say 10-0, you have to go for 13-0!
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    Jalen Brooks waiver was denied.

    Palms were not greased?
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    OT: Scented Candles

    If you don’t use leaded candles (the lead is heavy causing the wick to droop into the flame so you don’t need to trim the wick), then you need to trim the wick to keep from covering the ceiling with soot and flammable debris.
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    There seems to be a great difference of opinion among the masses.

    5-5 but I can’t tell if it’s 5 wins or 5 losses ;)
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    Our reality

    Good question. I’ve always wonder why don’t coaches change their system to meet the capabilities of the players. Not necessary with Hill.
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    OT: US Open Thread

    A windmill?
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    Heard the SEC has a no live animals on the field rule

    But cow bells are ok?
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    Throwing short seems to work many times example Arkansas game

    The defensive back can’t react fast enough when the receiver can adjust to a ball thrown short.
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    Am I looking at it wrong, or...

    Please keep in mind that jokes about southerners and mountain people are very similar.
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    OT: Oh Boy FSU, more bad news

    Even more weird if the kicker was a woman midget who like beets and not turtles.
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    UNC vs UNCC Cancel due to COVID

    At one time, didn’t the ACC say that they would play no out-of-conference games? What happened?
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    Anyone else really enjoying

    Who is Jeff Scott?
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    Women’s Soccer update

    Get ahead and park the bus.
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    Never seen this much rain in my life

    About 3.5 inch total in Greenville SC. Not too bad for us.
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    Looking for structural engineer to evaluate house settlement

    Separate the review from the work. Engineers to recommend and review the work and construction company to do the work. They need to be independent of each other. Good luck.
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    How many QB will start and play this year?

    Because of COVID and letting the backups play I’ll say 3 starters 5 play What say you?
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    OT:Interesting find on Venus

    Sentient life found on other planets would be impressive. Finding life on other planets is interesting but not unexpected. None of that challenges my faith. FWIW