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    OT:Interesting find on Venus

    Mine is a total amateur take, as I'm not an expert at all in organic chemistry. But my suspicion is that this would have something to do with Venus' volcanic activity. Like Earth, Venus is volcanically active. Unlike Earth, however, it doesn't really have plate tectonics and continental drift...
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    OT:Interesting find on Venus

    Yeah I still think I tend to side with the Goldilocks hypothesis since liquid water seems like the perfect medium for facilitating chemical reactions. Although it does seem possible that, once life is established on a hot planet, the high enthalpy could help to drive more rapid evolution, due...
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    OT:Interesting find on Venus

    I mean, yes, you're absolutely correct that very few discoveries in astronomy carry any immediate practical significance. However, I find it difficult to identify with someone who doesn't find these questions to be interesting on any level.
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    OT:Interesting find on Venus

    Well yes, of course someone who already "knows the truth" will care less about any new evidence.
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    OT:Interesting find on Venus

    To me it would be a big deal in that it would really deepen the mystery of the Fermi Paradox. IMO one of the strongest theories for why we haven't seen aliens is that chemically it's very rare for life to develop in the first place. But if it developed on neighboring planets Earth AND Venus...
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    Gamecock Football Players in Trouble ?

    Seems like "lynching" is being thrown around a little too casually in this case
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    OT: Longmire and Rainier Beer

    Has anyone tried the blue meth from Breaking Bad?
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    Do you believe in UFO’s

    My issue with these types of behavioral or psychological explanations is that they require universal adherence on the part of the hypothetical aliens. So, I could see why SOME, or maybe even MOST alien civilizations would hide from us, but it seems like a stretch to think that ALL would. And it...
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    Do you believe in UFO’s

    I guess I'm just having trouble with what you seem to be claiming: "Even if aliens exist, we wouldn't expect to see them." I just don't see why the base assumption would be that they're rare or undetectable. If I had to bet, I would bet that aliens exist, but I can still acknowledge that the...
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    Do you believe in UFO’s

    None, then Independence Day (except we don't win)
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    Do you believe in UFO’s

    Well I'll agree that a 10,000 MPH speed limit would make things difficult, but humans have already flown craft that go more than 10x this fast. It seems feasible that some civilization could harness something like anti-matter energy to achieve a speed of some significant fraction of light. But...
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    Do you believe in UFO’s

    Yes, that would be the most exciting thing in the history of the planet if an advanced ET civilization reached out in friendship and tried to enlighten us. Unfortunately, our own track record with "lesser" species (and even perceived lesser groups of the same species) doesn't give me a lot of...
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    Would we even be able to enjoy college football this fall?

    OP is correct that, objectively, the product won't be as good. However, my SUBJECTIVE threshold for what constitutes quality entertainment has also diminished, so on balance I expect that I'll be able to enjoy it.
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    Army v Navy - I guaranteed it gets played

    The forward pass is just a fad
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    Dang, I just thought about Jake Bentley. I hate it for him.

    Bentley's accuracy regressed so sharply after his freshman season that it leads me to believe he has some kind of mechanical issue. His pro prospects may hinge on whether teams feel that they can correct this.
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    If kneeling before sports is bad, then this is acceptable?

    I liked Democrats better when they made fun of McCarthyism
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    From 107.5 discussion- legitimacy of Bonds’ HR record?

    I can sort of understand where he was coming from. He saw McGwire and Sosa getting all of the adulation for "saving baseball" and he had to be sitting there thinking "I'm better than both of these guys. Why should they get to hog all the fame?" Not to excuse it, but you can imagine the thought...
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    From 107.5 discussion- legitimacy of Bonds’ HR record?

    I tend to agree with most of what you said. The thing that I care about most in sports is entertainment, and Barry Bonds was the last baseball player that I would actually make an effort to tune in to watch his at-bats. When he stood in the box, there was just such a palpable sense of...
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    Luka is insane ...

    My main problem with the NBA is that the regular season is largely meaningless. The playoffs are great, though.