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    Who’s noticed the price of building materials?

    I had planned to build a 26x30 detached garage this Fall. Got the first quote back two weeks ago and I am still suffering from PTSD.
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    Clemson tears. So salty. So delicious.

    The idea that you can make light of flushing 110 years of history because of apathy is disgusting. Gamecock fans with Football in their blood that understand and embrace traditions of the game that go back forever should look down on you. It’s great that you you dislike your rival, you should...
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    Do you believe in UFO’s

    And likewise- what in the Bible leads one to say that “Aliens” cannot exist? I mean, if you think about it, Angels and other non-earthly beings described in the Bible are “Aliens”.....Ezekiels visions etc etc.
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    No Carolina vs Clemson?

    The only streak that matters in the long term is 110.
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    NCAA to allow patches on the uniforms

    What does that have to do with it? Are Confederate Flag patches gonna be worn? Uh no, so that’s changing the subject. The subject is .....most people in this country are not rascist, believe in God, do not support socialism, anarchy, communism and lawlessness....and do not support the...
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    Clemson has responded. It sounds promising.

    No. And they wouldnt try to stop it. 110 years being flushed down the drain.
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    Gamecocks should sport a "Matter is the Minimum" patch this year

    Maybe “110 years” embroidered over a toilet being flushed patch since the brain trust is short-sighted enough to interrupt and flush the formally longest consecutively-played rivalry of its type in the nation
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    Clemson has responded. It sounds promising.

    “We are disheartened to hear today that South Carolina announced they will not be allowed to play Clemson in the 110th-consecutive year of the historic rivalry game which began in 1896. In 1952, the State Legislature insured that despite unfortunate Conference decisions, the game would go on...