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    There seems to be a great difference of opinion among the masses.

    Not questioning anything this young man is saying, but if you're trying to get away from racism, Mississippi shouldn't be at the top of your transfer list. UGA/Athens is Cal-Berkeley compared to Ole Miss/Oxford.
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    Deion Sanders named next HFC at Jackson State

    I could see that. Though now Sapp and Owens are claiming they aren’t in. Deion says he’s going to have over 80 years of NFL playing and coaching experience on his staff - so we’ll see what up his sleeve.
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    Deion Sanders named next HFC at Jackson State

    Some names reportedly joining Deion’s staff: Warren Sapp coaching D-line and Terrell Owens coaching receivers. In a year they’ll have a better recruiting class than any Group of 5 team.
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    Falcons with another epic meltdown

    This poor soul lost $35,000 on an in-game bet. Learning the Falcons' history the hard way.
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    There seems to be a great difference of opinion among the masses.

    I'll take 7 wins. This could easily be 1 win, but I like USC to have a strong start at home and for momentum to carry the day. This is going to be a year where your normal considerations about the strength of a program can be thrown out the window - gain confidence in week 1 and in the...
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    Deion Sanders named next HFC at Jackson State

    Bold move that will most likely pay off. There has been a push for athletes to look to go the HBCU route for a number of reasons - this push recently culminated in 5-star basketball prospect Makur Maker picking Howard over UCLA. Add in NIL payments that are upcoming, and many high-major...
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    Good lord, its getting to the point where

    I’m still not over them switching from leather helmets. What a bunch of pansies.
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    Heard the SEC has a no live animals on the field rule

    This is probably it. Only personnel that are necessary to play a game should be on the field.
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    UNC vs UNCC Cancel due to COVID

    Maybe the SEC was smart for starting so late. Let everyone get it and then play the season.
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    How do you plan on spending fall Saturdays this year?

    I cannot wait to watch some SEC football next weekend. I'm taking care of myself between now and next Saturday because I want to be able to put in a full day of eating and drinking. The weather is supposed to be great as well - you can't ask for a better Saturday.
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    Clippers: What a choke job.

    Yea, I don't know what to think of George. He's a very nice player (one you'd love to have on your team), but I can't believe Leonard went all in on him. Nothing about George suggests that he's got that mentality where you know can carry the team if you don't have it one night. They aren't...
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    OT:Interesting find on Venus

    Shoot for the moon and even if you miss you’ll land among the stars. By calling the effort to find life on another planet a boondoggle, you purposely ignore the scientific advances and progress that have come from the effort. And chances are if we ever make a colony off of this planet, much of...
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    Got my fantasy draft this weekend, any sleepers ??

    I don’t mean to toot my own horn here, But: “toot, toot!” Slayton had 6-102-2 last night against a good defense. He’s a good player, and will get most of Jones’ attention (so a lot of chances). Now, just like any fantasy sleeper (and not a legit number 1 receiver), he’ll probably go into...
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    uncarolina is ranked # 18 and will probably be ranked even higher next week.

    I have been giving this some thought, but is there any other team out there that is similarly situated to USC in that every rival team (Be it intrastate rival, traditional rival, new rival) is doing really well? It seems this particular brand of luck falls only on USC.
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    Funny watching these football games

    That’s why they have extensive testing throughout each week. Rapid and consistent testing is the key. The NFL is certain to a very high level of probability that none of those players and coaches have it. Hopefully the reports of a widely available test that has results in 15-minutes and only...
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    Dual Threat vs Pocket Passer

    Bottom line with either, the guy has to be a great passer to be a great QB. If he can run as well, then you have an incredible weapon. I still think Shaw was an underrated passer, but he had a career 65% completion rate and a 24/1 TD/INT ratio his senior year. Add in his running skills and...
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    Breaking News: UVA vs VT Postponed

    Still a lot of football on today. Hopefully they can all get through unscathed. I really wish the SEC didn’t have such a late start. It just increases the chances that we may not see any games.
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    Simple questions about tonight's NFL opener... No explanation needed

    But it was a great half of football. Mahomes picked up where he left off. He’s the most confident guy in the nfl right now. That makes the Chiefs dangerous once again.
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    Simple questions about tonight's NFL opener... No explanation needed

    This is true. The fans showed their cards. It was never about the anthem; it was always about being upset with outward shows of support for black Americans.