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  1. jimnasium

    Gamecocks release depth chart for season opener...

    I see it this way. Our WR work against what should be a good secondary and that should make them better. I want to see less drops this time around because getting open doesn't mean squat if you can't bring the ball in. Just catch the ball and get open is all we ask.
  2. jimnasium

    Jalen Brooks waiver was denied.

    Wow, now there's a stunning crap.
  3. jimnasium

    Jay Urich- Stepping away from football

    I would have liked to seen him play more.
  4. jimnasium


    Rah team etc.
  5. jimnasium

    Need prayer for my wife......

    Way to go Jeff is your wife's name Job by any chance?😁😁😁
  6. jimnasium

    Heard the SEC has a no live animals on the field rule

    ALM...Animal Lives Matter.
  7. jimnasium

    Collin Hill Highlights: Western Illinois vs Colorado State

    This must be the only site on the internet where a good game tape of our QB can set up the negative responses. I'm glad we have him and that we seem to be okay for a change at the position.
  8. jimnasium

    Any news on Jalen Brooks?

    We should just ask for approval using USC maybe they will think it's S Cal and rubber stamp the approval that same day.
  9. jimnasium

    Funny watching these football games

    Some of y'all are falling for the fear propaganda it will all end on Nov 3rd .
  10. jimnasium

    The way you feel about 2020.....

  11. jimnasium

    Gamecocks name Hill QB1

    Kinda surprised at this one we can only hope it was the right call. Ryan will get all the snaps he can handle the position is shaky if you know what I mean healthy knees are important. Trot him out there and see what happens.
  12. jimnasium

    What Muschamp said on South Carolina's QB battle

    RH will get the start. JMO
  13. jimnasium

    Texas Player Quit The Team In The Middle Of Game

    I would have a team vote on whether he came back.
  14. jimnasium


    It's even nicer on a plane.
  15. jimnasium

    The latest on Marshawn Lloyd

    You have to love the guy.
  16. jimnasium

    Collin Hill

    Ryan will probably get the nod but he has to move the football. JMO
  17. jimnasium

    I’ll guarantee you this much on Bobo

    I don't believe Bobo will let Muschamp take over his offense.