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    Most of y'all probably hate the Cowboys but give them credit

    Dallas fans have been saying that since 96....1996, nearly a quarter century ago
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    Assuming we did have a football head coaching vacancy....

    Our situation is analogous to the overweight unattractive 5' 2" girl who won't even look at a guy unless he's 6' 2" and rich.... basically, PJ Fleck is a unicorn we will never catch
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    RB White

    I thought Kevin Harris looked like a stud when he got carries last year. Honestly, i thought he would be the #2 guy behind Loyd before the injury. Nobody seems to be talking about him.
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    Jake Fromm Drafted in the 5th round

    This article was written by someone very familiar with our offensive failures "....Smart replaced him from within with James Coley. The move was widely regarded as one to maintain recruiting momentum, mistakes we’ve seen set back South Carolina and N.C. State in recent seasons."
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    Jake Fromm Drafted in the 5th round "Fromm’s plunge this weekend highlights the glaring flaw — one of the few — in Kirby Smart’s four seasons at Georgia. Smart’s offense is headed into its third...
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    We still have Tanner and muschamp
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    Will The New OC Talk Jake Bentley Into Staying...

    In retrospect, Bentley had a couple boneheaded plays, but he is still better than Hillinkski. I think we would have won those games also.
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    Dakeron transferring?

    Sorry man, I was agreeing with you, but reading it now, it appears I phrased awkwardly. You are correct in your assessment and I agree completely.
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    Dakeron transferring?

    That was the problem. It wasn't like they were RPOs, they were QB runs all the way--like the defense didn't know it was coming....
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    New OC Candidate Theory

    You misspelled "failures"
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    Dakeron transferring?

    100% agree. Everybody who says Dak isn't a QB is basing it on what someone told them. How would you know he isn't a QB if he never gets the chance to throw the ball? He actually had two really excellent passes before he was hurt at A&M. I feel like he would have been better for us this season...
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    Dakeron transferring?

    And you know this because? He didn't get many chances to throw the ball. He made some great throws when he was given his chance. He certainly wasn't worse than Hillinski; plus, Hillinski was hurt, so he probably shouldn't have been playing.
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    What went on behind closed doors

    Look at his hires and how they have fared Holbrook = TERRIBLE Muschamp = TERRIBLE Look at Eric Hyman's hires: Dawn Staley = winner Spurrier = winner Martin = debatable, but better than Horn and the guy before We need only look at the qualitative data available to us in the form of W-L...
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    Bentley to Transfer

    I think that's exactly what will happen. Just like Jeff Driskel, Jacoby Brisett, and others
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    Javon Kinlaw

    I didn't watch the game. Did Javon have a good game? I have been extremely impressed with him this year, and I hope he finished the year with a strong showing.
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    Caslen: AD Tanner asked FSU...

    I can see what you are doing, but honestly I don't have enough invested in this conversation to reply to it all. I said it is public because it is public; I don't see how that is confusing. The schools are different in terms of degrees because it is a specialized school. You wouldn't expect...
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    Caslen: AD Tanner asked FSU...

    I disagree, which is what I said earlier. It was a calculated move. West Point is a public university, just like USC. They are bound by many of the same rules and regulations that any other public institution has to follow. I don't think it's out of control at all; a man with his career...
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    Caslen: AD Tanner asked FSU...

    The students are uncomfortable because they are a generation of people who don't actually research what they see and hear to check the veracity of the information. Additionally, if you think generals are never questioned, then you obviously haven't looked much into military history. What you...
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    Caslen: AD Tanner asked FSU...

    I posted this in another thread as well: You guys are acting like this is Caslen's first rodeo. It isn't. He has been at one of the most prestigious universities in the nation--West Point--which, by the way, is an institution directly connected to one of the most thoroughly politically...
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    Caslen, Taner, BoT & the dumpster fire that has become USC...

    I just mean it wouldn't affect our coaching search or anything because it isn't big news.