Coaching Changes Are A Joke


Oct 2, 2011
How ignorant it is for anyone to think that allowing Muschamp to hire a new OC (his 5th in 8 years) is going to make any difference in our football program. It’s even more ignorant to think that it will be better this time because Tanner and the BOT are overseeing this hire. If Tanner and the BOT had not approved giving Muschamp, McClendon, et al raises and extensions after a very mediocre year last year, we would not be in this trap.

We could have, and still should, fire Tanner and Muschamp, and make an offer to Mike Norvell at Memphis to be our head coach before he takes one of the 3 open jobs in the SEC. Norvell is young, a consistent winner, and has a dynamic and explosive offense, all of which we need. His buyout is only $500,000, and he can coach circles around Muschamp! Instead, we’ll bring in some retread OC, who we will owe another 2 years of salary after we fire Muschamp and the entire staff next year.

This is not that complicated. Remember the definition of insanity....


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Jun 27, 2011
Another question is how do you expect a brand new OC to make a significant impact in one season. This is where it gets tricky bringing back a 4 win coach and demand improvement. What is the minimum number of wins that brings Muschamp back in '21? 6 wins and a crap bowl? The message has already been sent that 4 wins is forgivable. This is just a giant mess.