For subscribers: Star power: How starters for Gamecocks, Vols stack up as prospects


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Sep 16, 2000
? Wow. Good info is protected but spammers get free reign. Nice. phishing ploy.

Chris Clark

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Jan 3, 2005
? Wow. Good info is protected but spammers get free reign. Nice. phishing ploy.
Morning, @section907 - hope you're doing well! Just wanted to clarify a few things here.

We aren't "phishing" anyone. The subject line here says for GC subscribers, and it's known that we have a mix of free and paywalled content here on

We certainly do have a lot of good information (we hope ya'll think so!) here on the website but we employ a full time staff and spend a bunch of money to do the job right. The fact that we have a large base of subscribers allows us to provide free information, allows us to have a free board like FGF. If we didn't have the subscribers, none of it would exist. We don't run our revenue off ads primarily, in other words. Some of our content, coupled with that fact, is premium for our subscribers.

We also don't want anyone to have the impression that spammers control the board. If you ever see one, help us by hitting the "report" button and will go to the moderation team. We blacklist folks and delete posts all the time.

If you have any questions, please let me know!
Sep 15, 2020
i wasn’t trying to make fun of his name, just haven’t seen that before. ty
I'm certainly on your side here. I no longer live in SC and I often do not hear a player's name pronounced until game time. Over the years I've renamed several of our players, in my mind. Because of the notoriety of her recruitment, poor Aja Wilson probably carried one of my slip ups the longest. I thought her name was pronounced ... Ah Zja. Well, when ya don't know, ya don't know.
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