Mother finds UNC-Chapel Hill didn't even clean son's dorm room


Nov 16, 2010
If that room was as bad as it appears, it is doubtful they’ve done much cleaning at all. Think I would look elsewhere.


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Jul 15, 2010
I will be moving my oldest into her dorms next Monday. I hope it will be clean but from all the school has been sharing I feel it will be. She will be going to Coastal and based on how they have communicated to her and to us as parents, compared to what alot of her friends have experienced, I have to say, Coastal gets an A+ for what they are doing. Especially being an alumni myself, I am glad to see how they are handling things. Some of her friends just got a dorm room assignment last week and move in next week and she has known hers for a couple of months. She has everything she needs to hit the ground running right now while her friends are just figuring out what they have to do based on just getting info from the schools. I will be disappointed if the dorm isnt cleaned when we arrive but they said it would be but that after that it will be up to students to do most of the cleaning. Those other pictures at UNC were nasty. I would not have let me daughter stay at that point. Its one thing if it is your filth, its an entirely different thing if it is someone elses.


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Apr 3, 2019
Maybe I live in bizarro world, but I believe the mom has every right to be upset. Dorm rooms aren't cheap and like any other service you expect cleanliness. Just like I would expect a clean hotel room or a clean car rental. A filthy sink and used condom is unacceptable, especially since a lot of these student apartments and dorms will charge you a cleaning fee if the condition of the room when you leave is considered unfit.
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