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Okay, as much as I hate to admit this fact, quempsum is a great team.


Well-Known Member
Jul 19, 2002
I also think the taters win it all again this year.

But playing in the a she she really helps them in the playoffs. They don't play any team that has a pulse or any team that hits any harder than a middle school. But despite that fact, they still have a great team. The big advantage is that they don't get key players hurt. I watched a big part of the LSU vs Bama game and during that game players for both teams were being carried off the field left and right. I also watched most of the Bama vs Miss State game and again players on both teams got injured, sadly to say. Same thing could be said about UGA vs Auburn yesterday.

But the big advantage for quempsum is they don't play anyone before the playoffs and hence are in great physical shape as well as great mental shape; while other teams have been banged up and lost key players due to playing tough schedules.


Active Member
Aug 6, 2001
It’s what happens when you combine elite recruiting with competition at every position and no turnover on staff.

I agree with this but also agree that part of it (as the OP said) is playing light competition all year. Clempson has no significant injuries. There is very little chance they will have any going into the CFP.

Take LSU for example, they have played ranked teams Texas, UF, Alabama and Auburn on top of still having the SEC title game coming up with Georgia.

Teams legit just start to run out of gas a little after schedules like that.I think we saw it in LSU last night. Clempson has breezed through their schedule. I agree with the OP...get ready for them to win it all again.
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Gold Member
Sep 17, 2003
It's going to take something big to derail them. They do whatever they want, and don't fool yourselves, they'll do it to teams like LSU and Ohio State.

I do think OSU, if they have everyone, can challenge Clemson. Still, I think Clemson beats them 4 out of 5 times. Would take a few fumbles, etc.

I don't think LSU will be able to keep pace because of their defense.

Georgia won't be able to keep up.

Oregon would get slaughtered. There's no one else.

The only thing that will halt Clemson, IMHO, is a key injury.
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