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    Gamecock Central Inc. -- a South Carolina corporation -- d/b/a GamecockCentral.com and is an officially licensed site of Rivals.com. (GamecockCentral.com is not owned by Rivals or Yahoo.)

    Established in 1998, GamecockCentral.com is a fully-credentialed media publication that covers Gamecock recruiting, football, basketball and baseball.

    There are four full-time employees -- publisher Brian Shoemaker, recruiting experts/football insiders Chris Clark and Wes Mitchell and beat writer Collyn Taylor -- in addition to several part-time writers and photographers.


    FGF (this forum) was created in May 1998, three months prior to GamecockCentral.com's founding, by Ercoupe and PlanoCock. It was moved to GamecockCentral.com the following January.

    FGF is an open free forum for Gamecock fans and respectful fans of other teams.

    If you would like to participate, you can register for a free account here.


    GamecockCentral.com also has a private, members-only, Gamecocks-only message board called The Insiders Forum (link).

    The Insiders Forum is where GamecockCentral.com's insiders and analysts post information and answer subscribers' questions. It's also where thousands of passionate Gamecock fans share information and talk about the Gamecocks.

    Access to The Insiders Forum is just one benefit of a GamecockCentral.com subscription. A subscription also includes the most in-depth coverage of the Gamecocks.

    The cost of an annual subscription is 27 cents day. If you're a hardcore Gamecock fan who wants the very best coverage, subscribe here. Want to see exactly why a subscription is worth the low cost? See directly from those that subscribe with us in our testimonials page.
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