Why subscribe to GamecockCentral.com?

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    Why subscribe to GamecockCentral.com?

    Staff | GamecockCentral.com


    Since 1998, GamecockCentral.com has been the authority on South Carolina athletics and recruiting. Our staff works tirelessly to provide our subscribers with the inside scoop on the Gamecocks. In-depth, insider analysis, unique features, compelling content, multimedia, and customer service are hallmarks of what we provide to our subscribers on a daily basis. Our coverage is unrivaled and our community of Gamecock fans is strong. Quite simply, you will not find the combination of content, insight, and accessibility we offer anywhere else.

    To read even more about GamecockCentral.com, go here.

    If you want to join thousands of other USC fans who make GamecockCentral.com their home for in-depth coverage and discussion, then join us with a premium subscription.

    You don't have to just take our word for it, however. What do our subscribers have to say about the GamecockCentral.com experience?

    “Gamecock Central has been and will continue to be the best site on the internet for Gamecock sports fans. Their in-depth and honest coverage is unmatched! I have been viewing the site for 15 years, been a member for five and I have checked out just about every site out there for Gamecock sports. I can unequivocally say the Gamecock Central team is by far the most trustworthy group I have found. In a world of innuendo and rumor they bring the facts. I ask questions daily of the staff and get very straight and informative answers. I cannot say enough good things about the wealth of "inside" info available from the insiders account. I spent a decade on a free account and while it was better than nothing you just cannot match what is available on The Insiders Forum. The insight from, and access to, the writing team and all those "in the know" on recruiting and team news, as well as the very active forums, makes my subscription worth every penny. The access to the extensive Rivals network is also a huge plus for me. If you crave Gamecock sports like I do you should not go another day without an Insiders account to Gamecock Central.” – ChucktownCock2001

    "You get tons of content, tons of information about each recruit, each player, from all sports. It's a tradition for me to visit this website even if I don't post much at all. I can find anything I want. Tradition never dies. First class folks run this site; they are helpful and even fun to talk with. I truly appreciate this site. I'm always passing along to someone to please visit and subscribe. Thanks you guys for all you do and hopefully will continue to do for a long time. GO COCKS!!!" - hopegousc

    "GCC gives you an in-depth look that no one else can provide. Being a member gives you access to cool features, such as player profiles, radio broadcasts, injury news, etc. This staff works diligently to dig for the latest recruiting scoop. Unlike other sites, Gamecock Central takes the time verify their stories/sources before they post an article. It's the best $10/month I spend along with Netflix- If you are a true Gamecock fan or graduate, you need to have a membership!" -jamesleeuscpte2013

    "I've been a member of The Insiders Forum and Gamecock Central for almost 2 years now and it's been the best site I've ever been a part of. The amount of quality information you get is truly amazing. I followed Wes Mitchell over to GCC when he was hired. Obviously, I'm a big fan of Wes and his work, but I knew very little about GCC and the other staff members. What I found out very quickly was that although Wes was an All-Star, he joined an All-Star staff. In my opinion, Chris Clark and Wes Mitchell make up the best tandem of Gamecock Insiders in the business. My favorite part of GCC is just knowing how passionate Chris and Wes are about providing quality and factual information about the Gamecocks. There's no false rumors, fake reports, or click baiting articles that come from this site's staff. Chris and Wes have a tremendous reputation for accurate information and this site is unquestionably the best sports site on the internet. If you love the Gamecocks and are not a part of this site, you are making a huge mistake. If you aren't already a member, come join us. We are ready for another #SpursUp....... and that one is meant for you!" BreakinDownFilm

    Heard enough and ready to take the plunge? Join today - an annual membership costs just 27 cents/day. We look forward to seeing you on The Insiders Forum!
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    Because Central is the best.
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