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Discussion in 'Fighting Gamecocks Forum' started by MorganEFan, Apr 21, 2017.

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    We got 3 hits off a Davidson pitcher with an era over 8 so why would anyone think we would be able to hit a kid about to be drafted?

    I knew after the Clemson series where we struggled to hit against a very average at best staff that we are in trouble. The shame is we have the pitching to make a deep run but we are on verge of playing ourselves out of tournament.

    This is South Carolina athletics. We were the cream of the crop and we pissed it away We were the talk of the college baseball world and in a few short seasons we are now an average at best program.

    I hope we turn it around but I just don't know how this team does that with it's lack of hitting. In about 5-6 weeks our administration will send a message to fans. They will either say they won't accept mediocrity or they will say they are content with the premier team in the country becoming just another team that has to battle to get in 64 team tournament.

    So will we make the decision USC has made in past or will we decide that USC demands more and 5 years is plenty of time to evaluate whether a coach can get the job done?

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