Never seen this much rain in my life

king ward

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Aug 10, 1999
Lancaster, SC
Oak Hills here in Columbia? I love that GC. You can join it (as a senior) for 75 a month. But I'd rather pay $75 and play all year.
Most seniors are going to ride, so no way they come out ahead by joining, even if $75 is not high dues. Better to buy the yearly deal.


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Oct 26, 2019
I hope you fare well, Man. Hugo took me a month or so to work through, but mainly due to wind issues and lost electric power.
King we were very fortunate. My buddy’s in Orange Beach and Pensacola weren’t so fortunate. We did get some pretty nasty flooding . A buddy of mine had to paddleboard himself and his full grown Lab almost a mile after his place flooded . We kinda underestimated this one . Pretty crazy
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Sep 19, 2010
send to California please!
Hey Ken. Been looking for a thread to catch up with you. We chatted a while ago about our awesome trip to Yosemite and Sequoia near your neck of the woods. Absolutely stunning country out there. I know you are closer to Yosemite than Sequoia. But I saw that Sequoia NP was closing and the little town we stayed in Three Rivers had evacuated. Very scary. How are you guys doing up around Sacramento? Stay safe!

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