You know you are getting old if you can remember (fill in the blank).


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Oct 28, 1998
Anybody remember the Swamp, a dirt and tree filled parking area next to the old BA building in the 70s? You literally fought tooth and nail to park in-between trees and rough terrain to get a spot. It was harrowing from a parking standpoint and rumor goes folks would pull up "no parking" signs and park, and put the sign under the car. It was tough on the cars, but the location for BA classes was primo.

It was that or hike from the Coliseum parking lots.


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Aug 31, 2000
Exactly what you were doing when you first heard of President Kennedy's assassination.

The above is the first of many things I could mention. LOL!
I can remember my father coming home around 4 on the afternoon of "Big Thursday" in 1958. He was so happy because the Gamecocks had beaten Clemson. (This was the last Big Thursday game ever played.)


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Jan 18, 1999
Greenville, SC
I also had that glove.
My dad about had a heart attack,:) I don’t remember the exact price but it was somewhere on the north side of $35, maybe closer to 45....& that was a lot of money in mid 60’s......ex mlb pitcher Jim Roland restrung it for me a good 20+ yrs later.......Mom put in attack when I went off to school (that didn’t help), dry rot finally took the pocket:-(

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