Where will Rattler be next year?

I always believed Rattler would be 1 and done in Columbia. After looking at his entire body of work for the season, most of us can agree his first 10 games left a lot to be desired. He obviously had a career game against Tennessee and a decent (although not great) game against Clemson. I’m thinking that he returns for another year to boost his draft stock, if he can use the last 2 games as a spring board to show NFL scouts he’s a top QB prospect. We have seen flashes of his abilities the last 2 games. I was curious what y’all think going into bowl season?
He should come back. With the NIL he could come close to 5th round money. I just don't see him going higher based on recent body of work. He needs a solid year. My fear is that he hits the portal to Nebraska or to an offense where he can rack up stats and wins. Beamer is going to have to nail this hire.

Garrett Riley, Kendal Briles or hire within?


wish you could too now. Lol. I feel like everything was different. He may have “called” those plays in. But I don’t believe they were his design…
I think his post was more correct than incorrect. But earlier events had already determined where we are today in terms of staff. That's as far as I can go. Friendship is more important than disclosure.