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OT: A couple of questions about traveling for the summer.


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Jan 18, 1999
Greenville, SC
1. What is the best way to get the best prices on airline tickets? I usually go to a specific airline and check the price for the particular flight I want. But, I hear other people talking about getting great prices by checking a number of different sites, etc. It doesn't bother me to have changeover flights at various airports. In fact, I find it humorous to checkout international airports. To me they are more fun that Walmart, I've seen some strange things as well as interesting things in international airports.

2. What is the rental car status as of now? Are they hard to get and very expensive? I find it more informative to hear from people who have been traveling recently than to read some article about traveling in general.

I'm ready to do some traveling this summer.

Thanks in advance.

Freddie, take yer bride to the coast. That motion of the ocean works in mysterious wayz.🤫
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