OT: What do you think happened to Dail Dinwiddie


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Jan 14, 2003
Aren't both of her parents dead now?
No, pretty sure are both still alive and live in the same house and always turn the porch light on at night, just in case. Helps them keep hope that somebody they will get an answer.


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May 30, 2006
I remember the news stories about her disappearance. I had recently moved back to Columbia from NM with my young wife. She was a small town girl and was absolutely terrified about living in town because of this story.

Things like this kill many more people than just the one victim. I can not imagine the pain that her parents felt....and I am all for much harsher handling of people like the animal that did this and making their punishment more public. People do not realize the down right evil that exist in this world. Some people are just bad and rotten to the core.
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Feb 1, 2008
I remember several of my buddies and myself went to Carolina to spend the weekend to check out the campus (party with our freshman friends from HS) and I remember Dail's missing flyers everywhere!! I pointed them out to my buddies and I remember making sure I didn't tell my parents but I do remember being a little creeped/mad because she was a cute girl!?


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Feb 3, 2005
I went to the U2 concert that night and 5 Points was packed afterwards. I think she was kidnapped and killed. I hope her parents were able to find peace later in life. If there were cameras then like there are now, this would have been solved quickly.

Now that Brittanee Drexel girl from New York that was abducted from Myrtle Beach and taken to McClellanville to have God knows what was done to her - if I were her Dad, I would be in prison right now because I would have killed everyone that has been listed as a suspect. I get sick just thinking about what she suffered.
My wife had a friend in college that was later raped and murdered. The FBI contacted her to question her about the girl's boyfriends, friends, etc.

When my daughter was young we used to protect her from bad news on TV like this. Now that she's almost 13 and does somethings away from us, I expose her to all the news because I want her to know there are monsters among us that will do whatever they can get away with.